Suz’s recent post about what she decided to wear when going out with others who don't really bother to dress-up, got me thinking about how often I might make compromises to an outfit just to fit in with how casually everyone seems to be dressing these days.

There are times where I've put together a really great outfit, complete with fab accessories and then I start to think oh maybe this is too much. So I tone it down in effort to just kind of blend in with everyone else.

I never used to do this when I was younger. I enjoyed strutting out my fashiony looks but now I guess with getting older, living in the suburbs for decades and just how people in general dress so casually these days, I'm not as confident dressing up the way I thought I might want to anymore. I am trying to adjust my style to a more "refined" casual so that I can be more content and self assured with how I look despite what others are wearing, but I do miss the days when people dressed up a bit more for occasions.

How about you? Do you ever compromise what you end up wearing just to blend in with everyone else?