After threatening for years, I finally cut my hair short! Not sure what to call this length - somewhere between ear & neck length? Anyway, I wasn't sure whether to categorise this as dressing or body shape, because my question is two-fold:

1) Such a drastic change means I'm suddenly at a loss about what to wear! I'm only 25, but I think this haircut can easily make me look older or too twee if it's not styled properly. My style isn't particularly trendy either (I like fitted & clean lines but also colour). I'm not quite skinny enough for the waifish/ gamine look, so any tips would be appreciated!

2) I'm a little self conscious about posting front facing photos - I feel like think this haircut just emphasises my square chin & round cheeks at certain angles! Again, any tips on how to style my hair to make it look more flattering (the last few pictures will show you how curly my hair was when it was long - now it naturally has a slight wave to it, so that may affect any styling tips you may have).

Your help is much appreciated!

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