Wow! Love love the hair! I found that when I cut mine it made everything I wore look a bit more modern.

Thanks @Golfer & @LadyPainter! I guess I'll have to learn to love it even when it isn't blowdried, lol! I tried using a headband as a roller method (no heat) but, whilst it worked, it also gave me lots of frizz lol!

Thanks @HardcoreMom, I'll just have to take it step by step. I don't have a particularly small figure though (this haircut makes me look a lot slimmer lol!) so I think that bigger earrings helo balance out my body a little. Smaller earrings still get lost in the curls, lol!

And yes @Momo, it's almost like the haircut lends a little gamine playfulness to my outfits now (so long as I dress in fitted clothes, otherwise it starts to look sloppy, lol). It also reveals more of my neck & shoulders, so different necklines now look more flattering than they used to!