Between the rainy, cool weather ahead and Labor Day sales, it’s probably time that I figure this out for real. Thanks again to everybody who talked me down from faking a trenchcoat with a fancy long blazer a few weeks ago. We will be in the US a couple weeks from now; I’d like to order up some jackets as soon as sales start so they are there waiting for me to try on. These are what I’ve found so far. I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

I’m looking for something between gear and trenchcoat that I can wear in my casual lifestyle, including with pants and skirts and on my bike. The bike means it requires a certain length in the back. I am not versed in the ins and outs of these fabrics; I would like something that is breathable and waterproof/resistent. Being lightweight/packable gets bonus points. I looked at Nordstrom, The Rack, and Sacks Off 5th, but was much more impressed by offering at outfitters; the prices and sustainability ratings were better, and they seemed more likely to have features like hoods and interior pockets.

ETA I’m not sure what to call the measurement on my old jacket. 32”? The tail is longer than the front so I can lean forward to the handlebars without getting wet back there. The mesh/vents under the arms are probably a good thing—the kind of detail that goes unnoticed because it prevents a problem from even arising. It is in remarkably good shape, but the tape is coming off the seams, so it might lose some of its water-proofing soon. I do plan to keep it around for the drizzly days we get so many of here. I’d like the new jacket to complement its function, not duplicate it. The new one should be a tad bit dressier and should have a hood.

Rag n Bone pinstripe ca 45.5”;color=484 plenty long, maybe to a fault.

Cole Haan double-breasted 37” long

Laundry 32.5” long;color=432
Reviews say sizing is capricious; I have sweaters from that label that fit, so that’s the size I’d get.

Green Patagonia idk length. Looks a little short, but I like the color.

Columbia 3-way, oh lala. (I’ve been single too long) 32” long extra warm—do I need that?

Royal Robbins Golden plaid trench 31.5” I’m unsure about the color, but love a subtle pattern.

Columbia’s Splash a Little II 31”;pos=17 is the only other one I found with pattern (but not overwhelming pattern). Click through to the find to see the other patterns. My favorite might be the pale pink, which doesn’t have a pattern (but I already have a pale pink puffy vest)

The Switchback Lined Long Jacket 31” is probably too sweet a color for me, but it’s hard to tell on the monitor. There is also a periwinkle color, about which I have the same question.

Celeste Marmot 34”
is purple—also hard to tell on the screen. Not sure if this color is interesting enough for me.

The ink blue one from Royal Robbins is 29”

Orvis city slicker 32” long great reviews say it has comfy lining and does not wrinkle.

Orvis Pack & Go 32”

Thanks for looking and for helping me think this through.

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