Suz, your pictures are so much more helpful than Columbia’s—thank you! The periwinkle is pretty, and a good color for you.
Pictures 2 & 3 make it look like there’s a little bit of an A-line going on; is that right?
I don’t care if it’s long enough to sit on as long as it reaches down far enough to cover the end of the saddle.
Thanks again for inaugurating your new mirror with pix for me

Not trying to open up a rain jacket boutique in my parents’ living room, but I found one more I’m interested in.

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On me, it definitely covers the saddle, but that feels weird to me (biking with my coat over the saddle). I mean feels weird physically. I can't say why.

It is a bit of an A-line cut, yes, but also, it has a double zip, which I tend to open a bit from the bottom, which emphasizes the A shape.

The North Face jacket looks good, too. It's shorter. I have one that length that I do use on my bike sometimes, but don't like for walking because it does not cover enough of the thigh. For walking, I like length in the rain. For biking -- I think I'd rather just pull on my nylon overpants or something. But then, I'm still thinking in recreational riding terms, more or less.

I wish the North Face would list the length of that jacket! The model is 10 cm taller than I am, so it would reach lower, but it doesn’t have the longer tail that some others have. This whole hunt has me nostalgic for the rain suit—parka & pants--that I used to have. Bright red.

Okay, probably not what you're after, and spendy, but nevertheless I saw this and thought of your search. Maybe I like this because it reminds me of an iridescent burgundy winter jacket I had back in the eighties (with burnt orange lining!). I know I like it because it has a less fitted, "gear"y feel. OK, now I want it. And I am not in the market for a $1,300 rain jacket. SIgh. Happy hunting.

Oh my goodness! Trading all the clothes I’ve bought for 3 years (because that’s about the total I’ve spent) for a poncho? My goodness. Thanks for the laugh. I’m sure you looked fab in yours in sunset colors.

Arg. A berry good possibility. I really should stop looking, lol.