hmm. Try this kind of search on your eBay or others who ship internationally, then.

Gaylene and Vildy—yes silk itself can be used for raincoats and is not the delicate fabric we something think it is…its the dyes and other finishes that made me recommend not to use this as a raincoat. Silk is known to bleed and so if it was not dyed with the intention of getting wet, than this is likely to “spot” if worn in the rain.

Vildy, this could be my entree into buying second hand! I’ve switched the finds around so that 3-6, in order of preference, are the ones I’d like to get second hand (size 6 US/ 36 EU, in case anyone wants to help). A false plain would be good too. German customs charges are crazy, so I’d have to either get it from the EU or do it in the USA.

Kkards, it did cross my mind that parachuters probably did not care what color their parachute was, or if it was splotchy, as long as they landed safely. Otoh, maps like my great-uncle carried when he parachuted in behind enemy lines had to keep their colors to be readable, and were printed on silk scarves, double-sided, probably with inks developed for that purpose.

What I use most often are eBay - very buyer friendly, Poshmark - sellers a bit more temperamental, Mercari - can make really good deals (offers), I use on the computer but designed for a phone app, Etsy occasionally. A lot of people like Thredup but I find them too high-priced in comparison and you get the same 2 views, back and front, for every item plus their measurements have been wonky in the past and they can't answer specific questions because all their stuff is warehoused.

Vildy, thank you! I will have to start searching those shortly before we go (unless I’ve found something here already)

BTW, I don't know if this applies to Germany but there are countries where *used* clothing doesn't draw the same high customs.

You’d think, right? My mom mailed me a couple of swimsuit bottoms & underpants, because prices were lower in the US. She took tags off & labeled them “personal effects”. I still got hit with a customs bill.

Hmmmmm... The Great Enabler took a careful look of your photo of the fabric content. It says 100% Cupro...

I think you can probably wear this in the rain, but I would ask the sales associate.

FWIW, I think this coat looks amazing on you, and if it makes your heart sing, you should definitely buy it!

Shoot. I just realized that's the lining. Sorry.

Still. Ask the associate.

Mary Beth, you Great Enabler! If I had your second-hand shopping prowess I wouldn’t even be worrying about it.

Those SAs were not about to help me! I started out with the coat (there’s one in the window), thinking I’d ask if it could be further reduced, and that getting “manager permission” might take a while, during which I’d peruse the rest of the store. They were highly incensed! First one made so much noise about it that another came over and joined the chorus, until a third SA came from the other room & looked on with wide eyes. Weirdly, none of them tried to show me the coat’s merits or convince of the higher price—they were just upset. So I learned something about what not to do while shopping clearance sales in Germany. I usually worry about how I’m representing my country when I offend people in that kind of situation, but their accents suggested they are also not native here.

Well, speaking of secondhand, there's this -- a silk coat specifically made for the rain:

I will say that I'd be pretty hesitant to buy a vintage piece at this price since vintage cuts can be so different from modern ones. It is returnable but you'd be out the shipping both ways. If it worked though you'd have a truly unique piece that is likely to be very good quality.

SarahD8, I love it. Hope it’s still there closer to our trip—fingers crossed!

Silk does water spot so I would not wear it in rain. That’s probably why dry cleaning is perferred. Usually if it washed with total immersion and dried slowly and evenly, it does not stain. I have gotten stains on silk from washing that dry cleaning can not get out. I think the garments dried unevenly. But I may try washing again in plenty of water and drying more carefully. We have very low humidity so the wash dries very fast.

Joy, see the conversation and the updated title. Based on similar comments from others, I've now started looking for raincoats on secondhand sites online. I'm curious to hear if you can get the spots out of your piece by washing it in lots of water.

I'd like to track this blazer/trench online, have been oddly unable to find it on the company's website.