I got my son and myself together for our first ever wedding weekend, thanks to your help. Thank you ever so much!

I assumed I could put together a WIW from casual snaps, but have made the startling discovery that Auntie Of the Groom is not a central character in weddings. Who knew, lol. So here are some pix taken along the way, in the hotel room, and a couple "re-creations" back home (my dress was buttoned for the wedding, but not here. Oops). Bonus picture: the groom and some of his attendants. Going home to the rolling green hills is always a little step back in time, and this wedding was up in Amish country, in the bride's hometown, half an hour from the college town where they met and now live. The wedding was both hipster and honored local tradition--flowing full length skirts on barefoot bridesmaids, and navy pants with suspenders and carved wooden bow ties for the groomsmen.

Flying up, my "fit like a glove" denim Bermudas, soft cotton racerback sweater, and equally soft cotton Nic & Zoe 4-way cardigan were comfort class all the way.

I found my belt for the rehearsal dinner on sale (for $15) at Soft Surroundings months ago, could never find anything to go with it. Googling for the kind of swooshy, wide-legged pants/split skirt I thought would work kept taking me to Forever 21, and googling what to wear with the sash showed fancy belts around white or cream-colored dresses, often somewhat flouncy, (clearly a no-no). I swooped through that store, tried and rejected a bunch of pants and skirts with lots of gathers, but also found this dress--SCORE. (I wonder how often those retailers are paired together.) When it was time to head to the wedding site, 1.5 hrs away, I made the happifying discovery that the dress also works well with sneaks and a simple drop necklace (not the one in the hotel room pic, sorry--that's the dinner necklace). I may pack it for future travel. The person who has done my hair since I was in 7th grade and she was a HS cosmetology student gave me long, loose curls, with a small french braid running along the part. She is now a proud grandmother, and I'm a proud mom. I changed to a different necklace for the rehearsal dinner, but it doesn't show in full body pics (have a 3rd I wish I would've worn), so you get a close-up shot and one of me and my boy. I've had the necklace and shoes for 10-15 and 8 years, bought some new make-up for the dinner, so the total for my clothes is less than I spent on "beauty" for that day.

The 11 or 12 year old "wrinkle free" linen top from Lands End didn't quite keep its promise during a morning visit with an old friend in the area, but it did well enough. The Merona shorts were a "target weight" purchase a few months ago.

Back to the weddin'. YLFers helped me choose my pearls, shoes, and a wrap from another dress to go with this new purchase. My hair wound up getting the spotlight briefly, and not in a good way. I had planned to pin it up with a box of Bobby pins, but the MOG texted that her hair was falling, she needed Bobby pins. I ran around the hotel like Wee Willy Winkie, but couldn't find any, so tried to do a simple bun with 4 standard size pins. When I arrived, of course big sister didn't want the pins. The result is me in the front row at the wedding while the music is playing, slouching down and leaning back so my BiL's sister (who taught me how to use hot rollers many years ago) can give me a fresh updo. It must've worked, because that old flirt from high school tried several times to start a conversation with me.

Denouement: on the way home I wore the knit Soft Surroundings tunic I'd been on the fence about with crisp white pants. These pictures are from a CLT layover and the very end of the day, on top of the parking garage and about to walk inside at home. The tunic is my favorite color and long enough to cover up the worst creases in my pants made by sitting in plane and airport seats all day.

All in all, I'd say it's a win ;). I'm pleasantly surprised that, hair tangles aside, I was able to look pulled together for not that much money, combining new purchases from higher and low end names with old standbys. Thanks for all your comments and support along the way!

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