Lovely Suz! Great to see the navy moto in action right away. You're definitely going to get plenty of use from it. Enjoying the "classic" pattern mix of stripes/florals with the trendy jeans and cool leather jacket. GREAT vibe to this outfit.

(I see we were on a similar wave length today ^^)


Decision to buy vindicated! You look radiant. Great outfit.

Suz, it is so good to see a WIW from you again. You glow in this outfit.

Isn't it fun to play with new toys? You look like yourself -- but at your very best. The soft, but unexpected blue is a terrific choice for you, and the updated denim is cut above!

If so fab. Love the off- blue- great choice.

So So So So GOOD TO SEE YOU! I've missed you too, Suz!!!! You look uber stylish, as always. I love the striped top with the scarf - fantastic pattern mixing. And you look really great in the crops too! Oh, and yes, fab jacket!

Fabulous, Suz! I'm green with envy.

Suz.....I must thank you again for sharing this find. Mine arrived today and I'm so thrilled with it. It's quite petite friendly. From the colour to the striped lining to the little pocket on the inside to the slight curve on the front's a gem.

That's so great, Marilyn!! Yes, it is petite friendly, for sure. I saw a very petite woman trying it on in store in XS and it looked great on her. It's scaled to s smaller frame for sure, as most Zara and Massimo Dutti clothes are.

Fantastic! I have the tunic cousin to your scarf and it is just the thing when I am feeling dull.

Another absentee waving from the sidelines. You look lovely

Perfection! Love Angie's response.

You look great, love the pattern mixing of the scarf with the top and the new jacket, they all work together beautifully.

Lovely jacket-scarf-top combo, it all looks perfectly balanced!

Love this Suz!
What a great jacket and love the shirt and scarf with it.

Oh goodness, Suz, this is perfect on you. I'm *so* glad you got that jacket. As a follower, I've missed your WIWs, but understand the need to share your camera with a photography student!

It is such treat to have a wiw from you, I missed them, too! I cannot say better then the others before me, it looks all so sensational and easy on you-and blue is your color, of course! My word, effortless chic:-).

Fab look! Love the scarf, the stripey top and the jacket. And I thought I recognised the pattern in the scarf - I saw in a comment that you linked to a blouse in the same pattern, and I have that one but in a mama top for my recent pregnancy, loved that top!

Hi Suz --

Don't know how I missed this -- I thought I had a google alert for "YLF + blue" -- but wow, amazing find.

I predict you'll wear it tons because it looks great and that's one of your *feels right* colors!

Beautiful outfit. [Ditto above articulateness.] So envious of the scarf and to hear it came in all these other pieces and that you, Shevia, and others have it.... I would totally have lemming'd had I known, ha!