Did I chime in already to say I love it? I'm considering ordering it to replace my shrunken Madewell dress! How is the sizing?

I think it suits your country girl side, actually. There's more than one Janet style-wise!

Glad to hear that DH liked it - It was so far out of my own comfort zone that I chose not to comment, but overall you look great in it, it's just a different style than I'm used to. I love to see others experiment with new looks but for me, I have to stick with what I know as I've had too many closet orphans in the past and I'm making a point of sticking to a tighter budget on clothing right now so I can use that money for other things.

Una, I ended up getting a small in this. The medium had a little more room in the bust, but seemed way too voluminous in the rest of the body. I'm glad I stuck with the small -- even though this is 100% cotton, I could swear it loosened up in fit as I wore it.