On my recent posts about casual statements and at work-at-home wear that is as comfy as PJs, I've discovered that there seems to be a bit of a divide between those who will happily wear tights with skirts and dresses and those who detest them; between those who enjoy wearing leggings and find them far more comfy or more flattering than tights, and those who find leggings uncomfortable, unflattering, or "undressed."

Quite a number of you were worried that I would find my new dress-with-tights ensemble uncomfortable for a day at home. And several suggested leggings as a more comfortable and possibly better looking option.

I couldn't have been more surprised!

Now, full disclosure: given a choice, I would far rather go bare-legged in a dress. And that is one big reason I wear more dresses in the summer!

I also think -- with my colouring -- it's easier for me to create cohesive and flattering outfits if am bare-legged and/ or wearing nude hose. Dark opaque tights (or leggings) do nothing to "lighten up" my winter world, alas.

But. considering my climate, I need to wear something warm on my legs for half the year. Usually, by default, it is pants. But if I am wearing a dress, I would far, far, far rather wear tights underneath it than leggings, for comfort.

Every legging I've ever tried has slid down on me through the course of the day. (How do you keep them up???? )

Plus, leggings leave lumps and bumps under my dress at the waistline -- so they end up adding bulk and feeling "bunchy."

Tights, on the other hand, conform more to my shape, and as E. says: I've always found mine to be very comfy as long as I don't twist them when putting them on!

But I suspect that she and I are in the minority on this. And I would love to be educated.

Are you Team Tights or Team Leggings? Vote YAY for tights and NAY for leggings -- and explain to me your thoughts!

You may bench yourself if you hate both or never wear either. (Hot chocolate for you, because we like that in a cold climate...).

And if you happily wear both, you can sit on a different bench, and eat some "elastic Turkish ice cream."