My Eileen Fisher leggings(?) don't have zippers or pockets. They have a substantial elastic waistband that stays put and are a heavy ponte-type knit so that's why I've always called them leggings, not pants. They are snug enough to tuck nicely into tall boots but don't show every lump and bump because of the substantial fabric. Maybe they are just tight-fitting old lady pants? In that case, I need a shot of something in my hot chocolate to salve my ego.

OK - thank you all for the explanations! I think that I understand the difference between the two now - and so, my response regarding Team Tights or Leggings would be neither!

I do wear leggings (I think that's what they would be called) to the gym and/or to run - but do not stop at the grocery store/post office, etc. on my way to or from the gym. "Sporty" is one of my style descriptors - but so is "Cool" (hahaha!) and to me, leggings in the grocery store are just soooo NOT cool!

If I lived in a cold climate, I am sure that I would wear tights under my dresses or skirts and boots - but I think that I would make sure that they did not show because I don't really care for the look of opaque tights. BUT warmth trumps style - so who knows what I would really do????

Suja I've found coloured tights much easier to handle if I wear shoes in the same colour group x

Louise, so right -- or if you keep the whole thing (skirt/ tights/ shoes) in the same colour family. Can be different tones, but similar.

Gaylene, I laughed out loud at the well placed question mark. You are fully entitled to a shot of Baileys in your hot chocolate. But those are not "old lady" pants -- they are genuine bona fides leggings.

Marley, I still want to come live with you. Paradise: the place where neither leggings nor tights are ever necessary!!!

Janet, you have made me feel so much better about myself. You have such gorgeous long gams, and even you have trouble with leggings? Well, I feel fully vindicated. I just don't like how tunics/ leggings look on me...I wish I did. But if you have problems with it, too, then that makes me feel better. It is our strong thighs.

I am "team tights", if it's ever cold enough to wear them. I've lived in Tucson now 15 years and have worn tights exactly twice.....Hue is my favored brand.
Leggings are just not comfortable to me--they grab at the tunic I try wearing with them; then I feel exposed (er, maybe I am--so I won't leave the house in them). I think of tunics as much shorter than a dress--or a dress that has "become" too short due to shrinkage or overestimating my daring...:) Then it goes to Goodwill.

I'm team yoga pants right now (that's what I'm wearing). Does that count? They're so comfortable I can sleep in them.

Tights with skirts/dresses in winter when it's too cold for stockings or bare legs, and leggings with tunics for at home wear only. To keep your tights up, wear your undies on the outside To keep up your leggings, replace/add additional elastic at the waistband.

Hmm , I like footless tights if I am wearing a dress or skirt with boots as I cannot stand the tight pulling feeling around my toes. I have to find the right pair though. If they are tight I dislike the waistband which can be pretty skinny digging into the flubber around my waist which then makes me look lumpy! When I fly I generally wear a loose dress and put leggings underneath with boots as they keep me warmer and the waist is usually looser and then I am able to sleep haha . I have tried to like leggings with sweaters but they never look the way I want them to. I am team tights, but footless if possible.

OK, everyone, I forgot I used to order tights from here. They have everything imaginable.

Another really fun place for foot and leg wear:

Wow, you two are amazing! Thank you for those links. And now we can all go shopping.

You know, posting the link has made me realize that I much prefer patterned tights. I love the intricate lacy wool ones or out there prints. But those are not always practical or warm. Hmmmm... I'm over the solid black opaque look which is so ubiquitous here. What to do, Winter Fabbers?

Una, can you layer a patterned one over a solid black tight? I used to do that and I think it can look interesting and add an extra layer. I would try it again if I ever find a solid color winter dress that works for me. It is a highly elusive item.

100% team tights. I don't have any comfort problems in general. If I have a pair that causes comfort problems, I don't keep that pair. I wear skirts to work most days of the week all year long-- with tights in winter. I actually wish I could keep wearing tights all summer. I run cold in my office and tights would help. But I'm in and out of the office too much and it gets far far too hot for tights in the summer.

Re complaints that tights slide down: It occurred to me that I occasionally had that problem until I learned to size up. I carry my weight in my legs, so even if I am in the middle of the size chart by height and weight, tights in that size don't necessarily *feel* the best or really work for me. I rarely have problems with the larger size bagging out on me, and they are so much more comfortable.

Famous last words. This thread prompted me to order a pair of tights (DKNY reversible ones on sale) during Nordstrom's Double Points Days earlier this week. Just to be *sure*, I ordered tights in two sizes: What the chart said and one size up. I will try the larger first, and only if it gives me elephant legs will I open the smaller size. I love Nordstrom's return policy.

Team Tighs all the way. I despise leggings; find them uncomfortable and ugly/undressed.

For working at home in winter, I go dresses (with thighs or just throw a day blanket on my legs while at the computer) or, sometimes, also gear. This way, I squeeze workout in btw the tasks I have to finish for the office. (Plus some half hour of exercise do wonders for any writer's block for me.)