I hope they last longer than one summer because they look like perfect summer dresses, and would be great as resort wear if you plan a winter escape.

I really love this drsss! It really suits your coloring and lovely figure!

Great dress and the twist front really goes with the style of your swimsuit too.

I used to like dresses as swim cover-ups, but these days thigh chafing really bothers me, so I prefer a loose stretchy romper. But it’s tough to find rompers that are not too short.

Found a shell top for you, Lana:

V-Neck Tank Top
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This is a lovely outfit - it really suits you.

I do find cotton knit dresses so so useful but I agree they don’t last terribly well. But they also often get hard wear.

Are you going to take one of these dresses travelling- I would think one or two would be brilliant!’

The dress was made for you, Lana! Good idea to duplicate!

Fantastic dress!

Angie that is perfect! I might have to get it.

Sal, great idea, I think I’m bringing a couple of them.

Thanks Bluejay and Helena!