Fascinating to read this. My lips are not super dark but are relatively pigmented for my overall skin colour/ other colouring and I would never wear lipstick lighter than my natural colour because it looks awful. But what is mid to dark on me would be light on someone else.

Team Light. I like my lipstick to be close to my natural color. Sometimes I get asked what I'm wearing when I don't have any on. Haha. My favorite is discontinued though so I'll need to find a new me-but-better color.

I think my red qualifies as dark!? I actually don't like a light lip on me so it's dark all the way x

Another one for Team Light. My mouth is quite small, and I feel like a dark lippie just exaggerates that. If I do wear a dark lippie, it takes me quite a while to line my lips just right so as to make my lips look a little bigger.

Team dark by your definition, as I use lipstick to brighten and give my face color. Never matte, as my lips are always dry. Too close to my natural color just pales me out more and makes me feel awful.

I enjoy wearing a bright cool red lippie, a dark-ish raspberry pink, but also lighter pink, so I bat for both teams

I'm going to say Team Dark, but actually I'm medium. I think dark lipstick can be ageing after a certain age and with lightish skin, but too pale and my face looks lifeless.

Well, leaving aside the fact that I'd bench myself for that mushroom dish, I wear one step up from nude for me much of the time, having occasional fun with darker colors. I have fair skin and dark hair, creating a lot of contrast. I think my lip tones are usually mid-range.

PS - I hope to find that recipe somewhere.

Definately team dark.

Team Dark won the race.

Can I play double agent? lol

By double agent I mean I "pretend" to go both light and dark sides while in fact I'm using medium shades [one thing is how light/dark a lipstick is, another thing is how it looks like on each one - my light and dark lipsticks look medium tones for most people I know).

I would love to be able to wear dark lipstick it just looks strange on me. I have to stick with pink or something kind of neutral but light.

Team Dark: plum or bright red. Light looks like I'm not wearing anything. Usually I only manage to do lipstick and that's it.

Team Dark. True Red is my happy place. Lipstick and a light powder are the only makeup I wear. I may have more to say about this over the weekend...

Angie that food looks so good.mmmmm

Now I'm gonna sit this one out unless you count lip gloss usally in a darker color when I remember to put it on.

Late to the party, but I definitely look best in lip colors that look deeper than my lips. So I think I'm team dark. That said, my darks now are more sheerer berries, plums or rose browns, whereas in my youth I loved matte burgundies and wines. So my darks are getting lighter with the years!

Totally dark, e.g. Navy, purple, berry, so many shades of reds. And then there's orange & hot pink.

But then sometimes I do a real nude.

I'm actually a bit bummed about the trend towards nude lipstick

Darker in Fall and Winter, lighter in Spring and Summer.

I'm interpreting like Janet and am Team Light. Not zinc sunscreen white, but not bold like a red or plum.

Think I must be team dark, mostly, but lately using up a lip gloss which is pale pink and close to my natural lip colour. Otherwise I own a mid pink, a "coral gleam" , 2 orange, 2-3 red in different tones including the last scraps of my discontinued favourite, Maybelline "toasted almond" which I cannot seem to replicate

I love lipstick and have them in all colours. I would say that the most flattering look on me is a mid tone, so I would be team dark. I always enjoy a red lip, because it is such a statement and feels fresh when worn from time to time. I do like to wear a light lip colour when wearing more dramatic eyeshadow and vice versa.

WOW. Team Dark won the race by a long shot.

I'm late to this thread but putting in a vote for Team Light(ish). I would love to wear dark/bright lipstick but for some reason it makes me look like a hag. Seriously. Don't know why, but there you have it!

I'm also very late, but I wanted to vote for Team Light. I usually do dark eye makeup, so I like to keep my lips very natural (in fact, usually just balm!). But when I do wear lipstick it's usually a light pinkish nude.

That polenta looks so good!

Team Light here! I have bought expensive lipsticks most of my life and who knew that an inexpensive Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle is my absolute favorite lipstick ever!

I want to be benched so I can eat that delicious food! Seriously, though, light lipstick for me. I will wear darker shades to special events.

Team Dark. Clinique Black Honey FOREVER!

Team dark, but prefer sheer formulations...love variety. One of the cup holders in me car just holds a collection of lipsticks and glosses!!