Wooohooo, Tanya. You're on my Team. (I have only ever seen you in light lippie - when we've met, that is).

He he, Angie, very true. You would have remembered me in burgundy lipstick - I look like a vampire when I wear it

I prefer lipstick which is close in tone to my natural lip tone - I would not go lighter that my natural tone. But I also don't like to go much darker either. I do wear red for the evening and I have burgundy one I use for the day in winter but I use it on top of lip balm so it is kind of transparent and it is pretty close in intensity to my natural color. I guess my lips are medium color so I am not sure which team I am on. Benched? That amazing food definitely makes me want to be benched! Angie, you are a wizard! These pictures look like they are from a fancy restaurant!

Light, but I want to be on the bench. The dishes look wonderful!

HAH. Tanya. YES. Me too. I look like a corpse in very dark lippie.

JAileen, food for those who are benched only! (And you're on my Team).

Sveta, you're Team Dark and look fab in dark lippie. No bench!

Thank you Angie. We don't have a trader joe's here but I will remember to pick some up next time that I am in Boston !

The race is very close. No clear winner yet.

Light all the way! I wear so much eye makeup that dark lipstick is not a good idea, and I have very thin lips that I'd rather not emphasise. I prefer lipstick that matches my own lip colour as exactly as possible and FINALLY found a shade that is perfect just last month for the first time ever! I haven't commented on your post yet because I left home without it this morning and can't remember the name or brand. But it is so great, and feels amazing on, so now I get to wear lipstick!!

If I wasn't so solidly on team light, your food would be enough to bench me for sure!

This is a tough one! Lately I've been Team Nude, but I have my fair share of hot pinks and burgundies!

By your definition Angie I wear Light lipstick. I prefer to put the emphasis on my eyes.

Team light! It brightens my face.

As a teen I assumed my hair meant warm, dark fall tones would be good on me, but I was so wrong. It was the 90s and really dark lipstick was in... it's just not for me. I can go bright but not dark.

Team dark. By your definition I think my nude colour also is dark. I have 5 lipsticks and l'm happy with that number.
#1 light cover, berry, slightly shiney
#2 nude-for-me
#3 medium cover, orangy red, matte
#4 medium cover, red (more blueish)
#5 super bright red, matte

Team dark. Purplish shades work best, as they make my light greeny-grey eyes look greener. For some reason light-coloured lipsticks just make me look washed out. Maybe it's because I have neither high- nor low-contrast colouring (white skin with light to medium brown hair), and increasing the contrast seems to improve things.

Also, I have the opposite approach to make-up as Sarah the White: I wear only mascara on my eyelashes, and no other eye makeup. Eye makeup tends to make my deep-set eyes look even deeper set, which I don't like. So a bolder, darker lip colour seems a better option. My smile is big and my teeth are white, so why not play that up, rather than trying to improve my eyes.

I'm not a lipstick gal, but on the rare times that I do it's always a light color in a mauve shade to be close to my natural lip color. So team light for me.

All. I wear lighter shades to the gym. I wear darker shades during the day. I wear really dark shades to go out to dinner or to the theater.

I have never adopted a nude look though.

I am happily benched. Truly I see myself as Team bright, and avoid dark shades. I do wear natural shades as well. My current favourite is a warm clear bright pink,

I'm on team light. I am fair skinned and wear brown smokey eyeshadow so I usually go for a light neutral. I do occasionally go to the dark side for fun!

I would pick team BRIGHT. Neither too light or dark work for me...

Have no idea what the question is...I'm heading straight for the food!

Definitely team dark (meaning red or magenta/fuchsia/berry). With a grey pixie cut I find the pop of colour is really needed to brighten my face. Lip like shades just look...meh. But I want the food too!

Well I want to be benched just for the yummy food ^^

(My lips are naturally quite pigmented and don't need much extra help, plus I don't really wear any other makeup besides mascara sometimes. So I opt for sheer colors that simply skew the "color" of my lips a little. Most often peaches and corals (which seem to just amp up the natural pigment of my lips), sometimes plum, sometimes richer oranges/reds. I'd say a mix of light and bright though the effect of the light isn't actually lightening, if that makes sense? Perhaps I'm legitimately benched after all. Coming for those cakes!)

I think of this more as Team Subtle Lip vs Team Bold Lip.

I'm definitely on Team Light or Subtle. Bold, bright and dark Lip colors look wrong on me. I prefer to play up my eyes and use a color on my lips that is close to my natural color, just a bit deeper and more defined.

Although those treats on the bench sound delicious!

Definately dark. I have a lot of pigment in my lips, so a neutral for me would be more midtone than light.
After todays post, I think I want to do a lippie refresh.

My lips have a lot of pigment, so anything I put on them turns darker. If I want them to look dark or bright I pick something medium, otherwise I pick something light.

I tend to wear dark lip colors. I think doing so helps to balance the contrast between my dark hair, fair skin, and relatively light eye color.

Team dark: I wear berry lip shades daily, and occasionally red with blue undertones for special occasions.

I could be benched because I think" medium" to myself, but by your definition I believe it's light. So NOT " pale" as in lighter than natural , those chalky pale pinks or pale nudes and Twiggy lips. My lips look pale to me, so I choose a lipstick bit "darker" and more alive- looking, but that is always waaayyy
Lighter than most of the color options in any line of lipstick.
I keep choosing slightly nude- browned tones of pinks or rose and so I feel My choices would be considered so " over" I'm not against fresher fruity shades and keep looking for some new options, but I feel it's very easy to veer into what looks too made- up for my coloring somehow.

Oh dark I think. My lips are not light to begin with, my skin is olive and my lip but better is already dark.

Dark. The softer side of dark, but dark nonetheless.