Either Team is well represented by friends and clients. It's a question of what looks best with your complexion, and makes you feel fab. Some bat for both Teams too.

I bat for Team Light Lipstick. It looks best with my light complexion and hair. I also wear a LOT of mascara, tight line, and have a strong brow line, so my light lippie is grounded by darker eye make-up. I wear light lipstick daily, and love it.

I wear red - so darker lipstick - for formal events and holiday parties. Sometimes I wear a red gloss when I wear red in Winter. Greg does NOT like dark lipstick, but understands why I wear it when I do. I wear it sparingly for sure.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Light or Dark Lipstick? If you like both, you're benched. I'm serving wild mushrooms with orange sauce and polenta, and strawberry fairy cakes with cream cheese icing on the bench.

ANY lippie that is bright or darker than light - is DARK.