Here are my (many) Target purchases from this past Friday (when Sheila and I bumped into each other). Not pictured is the blue dotty twist front dress, because I already cut the tags and have worn it. Pardon that this post is so large ><

I'm usually quite confident in my purchases, but nearly all of these are quite a branch out for me so I'm a bit less sure of them. Some I know I'm keeping, some returning, and some I'm unsure of; listed in each item's notes. My main interest is in whether these are items that work with my new style direction; these are my first purchases since then. I would appreciate any input you all have, and I can keep any/all/none of these items as long as they're Awesome None of these are styled.

  1. Blue printed wrap dress. The seaweed one Angie blogged about didn't fit but for some reason this one did. Am a bit unsure of the top; if it droops much it will be gapingly large. This would be one of my few (first?) woven dresses.
  2. Multi-band black belt, definitely keeping and in fact I wore it yesterday; thanks Lyn* for the inspiration! Also, black leather pumps; dislike the rounded toe (which is weird because I have these same shoes in gray and don't mind it there) so these will be going back.
  3. Aqua/mustard front-tie dress. Well. I like the colors and print (though soft) but there are odd fit issues that don't show well in the photos (you can kind of see it in the side/back view, and again in the belt shot in #4). This will be going back.
  4. Detail of belt of dress #3, left is how it sits and right is how I would rather it sit (to hide the seam). Also, how should bust darts fit? I feel like these ones aren't sitting correctly.
  5. Bright orange dress. Love the color, love the fit from the front, don't really love the exposed zipper (I don't really like them in general). Plus since it's super long it sits a bit weird above my backside (you can sort of see it in the side view).
  6. Detail of the orange and green dresses from the front. These dresses are made of rayon.
  7. Bright green dress, same as #5 but different color (more green than photo shows). The zipper bothers me less here since the color is darker but same fit issues. Love both colors, not sure if I want to have two of this dress or not.
  8. Red wedges. Need to walk around at home to test comfort, and if comfy will keep. Also the skirt is newer (from LOFT) but purchased before style direction change; I like it but am not sure if it works for my new style?
  9. Navy top, white cropped pants. I like the idea of the navy top, but in reality the material is so stiff that it fits awkwardly (you can see it a bit in the side views) so it will be going back and I will look for another with more drapy fabric. Pants discussed in #10.
  10. Striped top, same white cropped pants. Top is a size too large, need to exchange. I got these pants with the thought of putting elastic into the hems so they're not flared out (would fit a lot like the side view), but now I don't mind the flare too much. They will be worn only with heels, and I have no other white pants. Thoughts?
  11. Mustard necklace, mustard belt (first mustard items), coral multi-strand necklace, turquoise tie-dye scarf. Will be keeping all three

Whew! If you made it this far thank you and I would LOVE to hear your honest thoughts (I've a tough hide)!

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