I did a much needed wardrobe purge. I tend to get in the bad habit of buying lots of clothes just so I am certain that I can put together the perfect outfit. Sometimes I wind up having my closet tight full. I am trying to break myself of that habit for both practical and of course financial reasons.

I remember Oprah saying that you tend to make a bee line and buy a lot of what you felt like you didn't have growing up. If it gets too out of whack, one can end up hoarding. Good thing I'm not in the hoarding category. I had a really awful childhood and teen years. My father was an addict and he also was obsessed with high end clothing items. He would spend just about every penny on himself and my mother and I to struggle. He was also very abusive. He would call me ugly and fat, even though at that time I was not even close to being clinically overweight. I suffered eating disorders as a result. I didn't have the totally latest fad fashions like the other kids had, but my mother's sewing skills at least kept me somewhat current-ish.

So my thing I didn't have growing up was fashionable clothes and quality make up and skin care. So that's what I tend to buy a lot of to counter the mean tapes in my head telling me that I'm ugly, frumpy and unfashionable.

Right now I am trying to capsulize my wardrobe and give it some boundaries. I tend to like classics with a bit of a boho twist to them. I don't want to got too far into the bohemian look to the point that I look like I live in a Coachella fantasy world, but just enough to be fun. I like sticking with classics because they can be worked into just about anything.

So, ladies, what's your ride or die item? If you're a capsule gal, what items are on your list?