Dear Fabbers,

The other day, The Cat asked me to write a post about scarves and so here it comes.
A scarf is THE wardrobe item and outfit component I enjoy the most. It has been like this for as long as I can remember and I have collected scarves for almost 30 years. I cannot tell you how many I have because you would think I am crazy. I have various sizes, materials, high and low.
Why scarves?
Apart from the interest I cannot quite explain, scarves are excellent styling instruments. They can instantly change an outfit. Using a scarf, you can direct focus to your face, balance broad shoulders, create a nice vertical line to balance proportions, disguise the tummy etc. Based on how you tie a scarf - where it is placed and which shape it creates, you can visually extend or shorten the torso. Depending on how big (wide) the scarf is, you can also create different visual effects. The same goes for the patterns. You can also use a scarf as a fake top, a necklace, a bag accessory, a brooch, a belt name it. There are many on line tutorials about how to tie a scarf - there are so many ways. All from rather elaborate knots to simply hanging a scarf around your neck.
When choosing a scarf to an outfit, I normally start with colours and pull a couple of scarves in the colours I think would be nice with the outfit. Then I look at the weight of the fabrics - is it a heavier silk twill or a light chiffon and does it work with the “season” of the outfit? Do I care if it does? I also feel the vibe of it - what do I want the outfit to feel like - dressy, a bit formal, classic? Or casual? Do I want to create a juxtaposition? Do I want to have fun - a bit whimsical? A more simple outfit, a maximal vibe or a kitchen sink? Do I add a second scarf, maybe a woolen one in winter? Which texture do I want to add - a satiny shiny or a mat, or perhaps a knitted one? And often, I actually choose an outfit to work with the scarf instead.

I am not sure this has at all been useful to I stop here. Attached are some older pics with different scarves.

I know many of you are very fond of scarves and excellent in choosing and styling them, so please share your wisdom.

I would love to hear if and how you use scarves, which your favourites are and your favourite styling and why?

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