Hi all! I am thinking of ways to add a little interest to my simple style (especially looking towards summer, when scarves and toppers become less do-able), and one uptapped love of mine is jewellery - not the super-high-end stuff but rather the fun stuff that can be updated from year to year to update basic outfits. I buy it and then chicken out, but I want to push myself a little outside my studs-and-crystal-pendant comfort zone and have a little fun with it.

Tell me anything and all about your jewellery style - do you wear it? Do you update frequently or stick to classics? What are your go-to pieces, brands, styles? What are the trends you are seeing and loving? What looks fresh? What looks dated and overdone to your eye? Imagine you are wearing jeans and a simple tee - what do you add to give it style?

Give me all ya got about jewellery and your style! xx Helena