For those who have small wrists, Etsy is a great source for bracelets. Some vintage bracelets are small (less than 2.5”) and some of the jewelry makers there have small sizes. Etsy seller mongessy offers 2.25” gold bangles, I have a pair and really like them.

I've recently started wearing more jewelry day to day again after a long period where it was only a pair of small stud diamond earrings and a watch. I've always loved artisan and Native American made semi-precious and silver stone jewelry (particularly earrings and necklaces, especially for casual special occasions). Now I've expanded and have started picking up a few of the minimal/dainty silver pieces that have gotten popular. I wear a silver St. Michael medal most days and have been pairing it with a silver ring with sunrays on it and saguaro cactus earrings for a fun change.

My jewelry has to work for me . . . most of the time I want to be able to sleep and shower in it and then I pull the more delicate or chunky stuff out just when I feel like it .

Torontogirl I'm new to the forum and don't have any WIWs! It doesn't help that I am currently living abroad with an abridged wardrobe (the rest is waiting for me back home) and no full-length mirrors for outfit selfies! (Living with no full-length mirrors is no fun. I wouldn't recommend it.) Maybe later today I can stand on my toilet and get a photo of today's ensemble. Brass and enamel bangle on the hand with the gold, brass hexagon stud earrings, and a long and very colorful necklace from Lou & Gray. I did more collarbone-length and choker bauble-type necklaces in my 20s and 30s, but I have been liking longer and slightly less chunky necklaces lately as my style evolves in my 40s.... it's a little more relaxed which fits my everyday style, working from home in a very casual city.

I have a fair collection of real jewelry and some costume jewelry that I have collected at various art fairs. I like to hunt for fun pieces. I wear my wedding band and engagement ring daily. I also have an anniversary ring which I wear. Sometimes I add a ruby and diamond ring which I purchased for myself when I paid off all my student loans. I also purchased matching necklace and earrings. I love them and wear the pieces separately or together depending on my mood. I have a collection of necklaces, earrings and bangles that were given to me by various family members and then some more recent pieces that I inherited. These are sentimental treasures for me and I wear one or two of them daily. I also have three thin band small face dainty watches to wear and I wear one of these as well. My requirements for a watch have always been that the face be small because my wrists are small and my features are small, but it still has to have a date and second hand. No digital watches, only analog. I have one that is mixed metal which allows me to mix my gold pieces with silver. I have been wearing that one frequently, but my best watch was a wedding gift from DH and is a high quality Raymond Weil. It’s sporty looking but still dainty, which fits my personality perfectly.
I always wear thin bangles. In fact, I am not one to wear chunky, heavy jewelry. I prefer layering thin dainty pieces.

Okay, here we are in a typical getup for me... a tee shirt—just a tee!—since my only interaction with the public today is picking up and dropping off kids. But the necklace, earrings (studs that I know you can't see) bracelet, watch, and rings make me feel like I got dressed.

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I usually wear my apple watch, stud silver earrings, and usually a silver chain with a charm, and my wedding rings. On occasion, I'll wear longer golden necklaces for work. That's it!

I used to wear jewelry more often in my youth than I do now. Now my staples are my diamond studs, my engagement ring and wedding band, plus a watch (I love watches). I only wear necklaces once in a while and they are mostly yellow gold, but I have one pendant that I wear often that gets many compliments, and I made it myself. I made it at The Corning Museum of Glass a few years back at a "Make Your Own Glass" class.

Love reading people's responses, we are all so different!
I prefer gold (from more a taupe to rose colour) and it can't be too shiney, brushed or florentine works best. I'm tall and fine-boned, so have to be careful that whatever jewellery I wear is not too heavy looking, or I look overwhelmed. But it needs to be large enough to be seen on me. It took me ages to work out that formula- long-but-lightweight- although in retrospect it seems perfectly obvious! I think working out the scale of jewellery that works is one of the biggest things- big enough to be visible at normal distances, but not so big it starts to look dominating on you (and what is 'too big' really varies so much). I also think people vary in how much movement they can handle- for some reason, I don't look great in shorter dangly earrings, they move too much. But I can wear very long dangles, because of having a long neck, and they don't move as much. I also don't look great in chain necklaces, but collar-styles, which don't move, work well.
So I wear my wedding ring (plain gold band) and a wide-but-thin brushed gold cuff bracelet pretty much every day. Then maybe a long earring in a sculptural shape. I also like pearls, but to work on me they can't be too classic. So I have a gorgeous pair of pearl studs with gold spikes on them. I wear them with my mum's pearl-on-a-wide-gold-band 1960s cocktail ring, and a yellow cashmere jumper- an outfit with a high happiness quotient! If I wear a necklace, then I wear stud earrings, long earrings and necklace is too much on me.

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Ok I LOVE jewelry, but I think it's very personal.
I've rarely had someone gift me jewelry that I connected with even though I know they meant well. I do appreciate a sentimental item though - a vintage pin from my grandmother which has our shared birthstone is something I'll treasure forever. I made jewelry for years (beaded mostly) so I have an appreciation for things I can't make more than those I could make.
I feel naked without a watch, always wear my platinum wedding band and engagement ring and earrings. I collect vintage jewelry and love a unique piece, my favorites are vintage rhinestones (I am a magpie) and bakelite. I love bracelets, but hate wearing them. I love a statement necklace, but struggle sometimes to add an earring (I don't like sets so much) which I feel naked without as well. I am terrible at wearing scarves so I use statement necklaces instead. I adorned my denim vest with multiple vintage rhinestone brooches for fun. I even have a few vintage rhinestone shoe clips.
Find something that speaks to you or works with your style. Build on it as you go. I think jewelry should be curated over time and be part of your style and history. It can be a little good luck charm with you whenever you need it.

I love jewellery. I prefer pieces that are made by artisans and not mass produced. I don't buy much jewellery these days but when I do I buy pieces from craft shows or places that sell unique things.
I mix metals all the time. I never think about whether I am wearing gold or silver. I have a few mixed metal pieces which tie things together.
I rarely wear gemstones or pearls. Just not my style. Even though I love my engagement ring I have stopped wearing it because I find the ruby and diamonds don't work with the rest of my look. I still wear my yellow gold wedding band. I do like plain gold and silver jewellery pieces especially bracelets. Most bangles are too big for me but I have found a few that are small enough.
I like earthy natural looking things in general and this includes jewellery. My favourite stone is amber and I wear at least one amber piece daily.
I also love watches. I have a few different styles but usually, I wear a mixed metal (gold and stainless steel) one.

Style fan-- beautiful amber pieces!

I have to be careful about necklaces during summer heat, because I break out in a heat rash from a lot of necklaces (I think it's the nickel filler that does it). I tend to do a lot of bracelets and rings. Like, Iris Apfel quantities of them because she's so fabulous.

I have a skull bead bracelet collection, and I'll wear them all at the same time; sometimes I'll switch it up and do the black ones with other black beaded bracelets for the same effect.

I also do cuff bracelets because I like the size and visual presence of a cuff.

And I'll pile on the rings whenever I don't have to worry about them getting snagged on stuff.