Stagiaire Fash asked me to 'do her' on a recent forum post where I took inspiration from other's style and make them my own.

There is quite a bit of intersection between our styles, so I decided that I did not want to be limited to just one outfit. I have tried to capture SF's style qualities that I admire. I hope she approves!

1. Old berry velvet jacket (circa 2005) and Jodie cropped flared jeans, my oldest jeans. SF likes berry colours and keeps and wears her clothing as she is not into fashion churn.

2. SF is happy to wear shorter skirts and has a love of paisley prints. This linen dress is boho-lite and perfect for my climate. I love the paisley embroidered detailing.

3. SF was once called a 'badass' by Synne, which I loved as she is fearless in her style and never takes things too seriously. This is me being 'badass' too, breaking the rules and wearing double denim with a bow scarf to make it me.

4. SF loves fun footwear. These are my crazy boots worn with bold colour. This was my favourite outfit of the week. DH loved this one too.

SF thanks for inspiring this challenge!