I am do with you on a black top and jeans being the most versatile outfit. It's a go-to, and the reason I've always got black tops in a few different silhouettes and fabrics in my closet. I'm less of an accessories person, especially during hot weather, so I'm always impressed by how people can change it up with jewelry and such. You're doing great!

I'm super impressed by your crow pose, too! I've been wanting to give yoga another go (I took a class the first time I was in college several years ago and got seriously hurt from coming out of an inversion, so I want to try again, but I've been a bit anxious about it).

Your posts are always so positive and inspirational. You look sensational each and every day. I am also in awe of your yoga skills.

Thanks everyone!

Katelyn, I would definitely suggest trying Yoga with Adriene. She focuses a lot on tuning into our own bodies, to avoid injury. I love yoga but find a lot of classes are not good at accommodating different levels. I always think it's unfair to newer practitioners or those with injuries/sensitivities.

Creative and resourceful! I would not have thought you were wearing the ‘same outfit’ at all, Toronto girl! Bravo on the Crow and thanks for the link!

You really did a fabulous job with your challenge. I doubt anyone would notice that you are wearing the same basic outfit.

Amazing! You look beautiful in every rendition. It's a good reminder to us all to re-wear and repeat and change it up with accessories!

Your outfits look terrific and I would not have noticed they contain the same base if you hadn't mentioned it. Definitely a great reminder of how far perfect essentials can take you. Am extremely impressed with your crow too!

So inspiring! Each day looks quite different to me--just shows the power of the accessory! Definitely food for thought as I navigate SYC.

Impressive crow! Mine has yet to take flight!

I love this exercise, because I am also a neutral dresser and happily wear black bottoms 90% of the time. You have beautifully shown how simple accessory changes create new looks that are easy, elegant and handily defeat boredom. Thank you, TG. Well done!