Hi friends and happy Friday!

This week, my challenge was to "make it do". I decided to wear the same outfit every day from Monday to today. Disclaimer: the purpose of this exercise was not to argue that we should all wear the same thing everyday. Rather, it was a) for fun, and b) a very tangible reminder that I absolutely have 'enough' (well-more than enough, actually) because shopping, dressing and other decisions are made more wisely from a place of 'enough'.

For the purpose of reality, I did allow two tops - a sweater and a t-shirt - to avoid having to do a load of wash just for one top (surely that would go against the idea of using less!). I did take advantage of needing to do sheets and towels for a mid-week refresh. I wore the same jeans every day.

What I learned:

  • my belief that a black top and jeans are the most versatile FFBO remains unchanged and strengthened.
  • part of why I love neutrals and uber-simple outfits is that I love changing up accessories! Simple, neutral outfits are the perfect-for-me foundation for accessories; whereas colour + accessories can quickly start to feel busy (again, for me)
  • by today, I freely admit, I was out of ideas of how to make the combo feel 'new'. Which I am actually fine with. But good to note - and I'll enjoy wearing something different (colour!) tomorrow

What I wore:

  • 1/2 Monday: a chilly day, the kids were home, so I was combining sahm and wahm duties, as well as running errands. My cozy gray cardi did the trick.
  • 3/4/5 Tuesday: minimal, with my leopard belt and gold dangly earring. Work from home day today. The t-shirt is versatile enough to transition to yoga (aka - when you spend months trying to learn a pose and finally get it, you share the photo )
  • 6/7 Wednesday: more leopard, this time in scarf form and dangly earrings. Changed up the booties to my taupe Blondos. This did the job for lunch with my SIL.
  • 8/9 Thursday: lunch with my Daddo. Delicate jewellery, but plenty of it (earrings AND a necklace AND bracelets - yes, I am a rebel!). A milder day, so I wore sneakers rather than boots.
  • 10 Friday: rather uninspired, but perfectly passable. After trying on a number of scarves, I decided it all was feeling forced. Showing my winter scarf, which, given today is errands, is what people will see anyway.

Next week - "do without" - I'll eliminate one category of 'things I consider essential' every day from Monday to Friday.

Enjoy your day friends! xx

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