Hi friends, for week 2, my theme was "wear it out". I initially intended to wear things that I normally allocate as "too dressy" for everyday wear; I ended up extending this to include items that hadn't seen wear at all for over a month (i.e. since the beginning of December). This was primarily for weather reasons; many of my 'dressy' (casual dressy) pieces are more suited to finer weather. But still a worthwhile week!

What I Learned:

  • For the most part, I DO wear the majority of my seasonally-appropriate clothing - by today (Friday) I was digging deep to find something not worn that made any kind of good sense
  • I do have just enough excess to enable me to change things up from my go-to pieces, when the mood strikes
  • I do have one piece I should wear more often - my BR Dillon blouse, which is as comfortable and washes as easily as a t-shirt

A few items I tried on and took off again:

  • Zara pointelle sweater. Although, this is as wash and wear and comfy as a sweatshirt, the look is just too fussy for me to enjoy in anything but a dressier "special occasion" setting
  • Merlot velvet jeans. Too low-waisted, and I'm just not a statement pants person. Note to self: update pants with more current essentials rather than statements.
  • Uniqlo winter white turtleneck and H&M winter white cableknit. Note to self: I look hideous in winter white. Stop buying it!!
  • Woven button ups. Not comfy. Need to iron. Note to self: Keep because they occasionally are necessary but do not buy more and no pressure to wear.


  • 1 - Today - digging deep and came up with a white tee *snooze*. Lesson learned? I do wear most of my wardrobe, yay!
  • 2, 8, 9 - Sorry I screwed up the order - a bold striped shirt that I love but sometimes don't wear due to it's uncanny resemblance to a certain cartoon burger thief
  • 3, 4 - Red striped sweater. I'm still torn on this sweater. I think it's a good one for the 'boredom buster' capsule, but have no expectation of wearing it regularly.
  • 5, 6 - The Dillon shirt. Comfy-womfy.
  • 7 - ON burgundy cardi. Love the look of this, but I'm not into v-necks lately - and this one is low cut enough that it needs adjusting through the day. But again, a good boredom buster and I do like the look and feel classically-current in it.

Next week - make it do! How far can a girl get with just one top and one pair of pants? Stay tuned to find out!!

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