Sal and Helena,thank you so much for your lovely comments and fir taking the time to stop by.
Zaeobi,l don’t blame you for talking about your weather.It sounds a lot more dramatic than here.Yes the Zara top is very unusual.It’s 100% linen and thick enough to wear with out a bra if one chose to but it’s also very cool with two overlapping curved front pieces abit like petals and a tie at the back.l am glad that l bought it as it’s very cool to wear.
Brooklyn,thank you,Yes lam very pleased with that top ,my latest ZaraPurchase.
Robin F thank you that’s very kind of you to say.
Suntiger,thanks for popping by.

How many beautiful outfits! I like the happy, carefree look of # 3. But you look fab in all of them.

Better late than never I guess 1, 3, 5 and 8 are all outfits I would love to wear on a hot summer day. YLF! You manage to look so breezy in the heat.

Sisi and Star,thank you so much for those lovely comments!

Lovely to see you post, Cardiff girl! Looking fably relaxed, carefree, and summery

Much impressed with your self-made bottoms! The shorts are KILLER wow! And you rock your hats!

Looking elegant in those stappy blouses, and my fave is the dress! Excellent fit & flare silhouette. Pass the cake and tapas....

Wow, such a feast to my eyes! Fun to see your summer clothes, even in the indian summer we experience here it, too-and you are all so lucky girls living near waters! Just look at your sewing skills in nr1 and the last one- pants are not easy to sew!! Those are some perfect culotte in a beautiful color- love the linen tank to it, the brown flatform sandals with the blue dress-and all the others! YLF!!!-and thanx for posting!:-)

Aww,thanks Angie and lyn67 for your mood boosting comments !You are both so kind

Wonderful collection of outfits, settings, and food (the tapas look delicious and I might need to go get lunch right now, lol)! Yes, the weather has been super-bizarre here too (Great Lakes region of the US), though at the moment it has been beautifully warm during the day and cool at night, which is my ideal for this time of year. I love your summer style, with special affection for the olive green shorts in last pic that you made yourself--so talented! I also love the first outfit (quintessential summer, with the light colors and lovely hat) and your action shot is fab.

Thank you Jones,those are lovely things to say!