This is all Carla's fault, and now Helena added to the problem I'm thinking ahead to spring and summer dressing . Every year I run into this issue: what to wear casually /at home in the heat (so less of an issue in spring but still...) while honouring my personal style and not losing myself to a look that just isn't mine. Does this make sense?

T-shirts are such a ubiquitous spring and summer staple, yet I don't really look that good in them . Spring t-shirts - like a striped bateau neck - are easier because the cotton is usually a heaver weight, but come summer, lightweight basic t's and tanks are just, well, frumpy and sloppy looking on me. Sure, I could wear tech/quick dry tanks in synthetics from North Face or Columbia, for example, but that overall look isn't really me . Nor is going all full-on boho, either. It's easy to buy what's out there, but you sacrifice style and what you want to look like just to be comfortable. No more! I have a small collection of cheap tshirts from Joe Fresh , ON and Gap and I've decided I don't want to go down that path anymore. I'd rather buy a very few fabulous tops to wear over and over again than continue on with the cheap t-shirt routine.

I don't even know what I want- that's where I'm asking for thoughts. Is it possible to dress well in the summer and still be comfortable ? Linen - meh. Can get wrinkly and baggy , but is ok once in awhile. I'm curious about something banded/welted that would look more polished with shorts, yet not too "missy".

I find it much easier to dress in a way that makes me feel like "me" in fall and winter when I can layer, add third piece, wear jewellery and scarves, whereas in summer.......all that is too much .

What do you all wear in the heat?