I give Only Child a thumbs-up as well! I have one great summer top from them. The raw silk is as sturdy as linen but a little fancier and much less wrinkly.

I like linen t-shirts with shorts. I think it looks a little more refined. I also do light-weight flowy pants in light colors, and flowy short dresses.

Ok then ! I’m on it ! Only Child it is Thank you Jeneva - I have a few linen tshirts too and they are a bit nicer than the average cotton . I envy you your romantic casual style - I’m sure laughter would ensue from anyone seeing me in flowy pants or a dress . I lack the “pretty” gene for these looks .

Lisa, they don't have to be truly flow; the chambray pants from Rails are really just like light-weight joggers!
Also, on the dresses, I recommend Snag tights. They have a biker short style that is very, very light weight. I find them completely acceptable for round-the-homestead wear. Especially when it's very hot and I want a dress.