An editorial image from a jewellery company I follow online triggered a rethinking of how I want to dress for the rest of the summer.  I bought a lot of florals and pink things this spring/early summer, and while they were "ok" , they were a little too sweet for my taste and I haven't felt great in them.  I think pale pink  is best in winter and early spring when the light is different, but by this time of year , the light is very clear and bright and almost harsh in our dry prairie environment, and florals,  brights, and pale colours  look funny to my eye. Enter white, brown, khaki/olive, and black.  Gold or silver jewellery.  I love when an image clarifies ideas, and paves the way for getting dressed. If only it happened consistently!  I was due for my 3-week nail appt, so instead of going with a colour , I let the nail tech talk me into a soft, metallic gold, which also sets the tone for the next 3 weeks of dressing.  Dark grey pedicure.  Makeup is now bronze , brown, ivory and soft pink . Jewellery - primarily gold, some silver.  No colour and no flashy stuff.  Easy.  I wish I had brown leather sandals and a bag, and I really wish I had a white hat with leather trim , but maybe next year now  Of course my outfit isn't a literal interpretation of the image, but right away I wanted to get rid of colour, and work a very clear, neutral safari-ish palette. 

It also felt great to be back in my old standby formula of long over lean/er, with this fun cotton point-y hem tunic worn over flutter hem white jeans.  I could have done a cleaner look with plain white skinnies and a gold mule with no ankle strap, but I liked this combo enough to keep it on.  Leg length flattery isn't super-important to me in this case. 

jeans - Tribal (new this summer)
top - Sanctuary (new this summer)
shoes - Nine West (old)
watch - Skagen
ring - Jenny Bird (Canadian) 
necklace - Leah Alexandra (Canadian)

Do you get inspiration from editorial photos this way? 

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