Your outfits are always stellar, so it was interesting to read about your thought process. I’ve thought it was interesting how you appear to wear an autumn palette, yet black is such an integral part of your wardrobe. But it works! I love when you wear tan and black together.

Very interesting to read your conclusions. I am impressed. Love your style and all your outfits - you are so talented.

This was very insightful and interesting to read. Have you decided on non black colors for your bottoms yet?

Anchie, thanks. I would like to move towards more earthy shades. So something in the caramel/bronze family would be ideal. Assuming I can find it! I am also thinking olive green, white, dark blue. Possibly burgundy. I have my eye on these skirts, but they are not really summer weight skirts (although we are moving into winter here).

Katerina, right back at you!

JAileen, thanks! I use black and white as the anchor of my colour palette, and work my way up from there. I do love Autumn colours.

Thanks Rachy. Yes, it was basically a "what do I reach for" exercise. I found the day to day aspect of it a little less daunting than setting aside a day (or more!) for a full try-on/closet edit.

Hi Brooklyn --

Always great to see your outfits so I enjoyed the behind-the-scenes analysis of your challenge.

Re your summer dress hunt -- if you have any handy, have you thought about consignment so you can get luxe for less? Ours even do end-of-season markdowns just like full-price retail. It might take your mind off patterned tops.

ps very glad we have opposite seasons as this will be handy for me soon, ha

Hey Vix! Always happy to hear from you. I would love to shop consignment (and sell some stuff on consignment) but it's not available near me. I am envious that so many forum members have that available. I have occasionally looked at the internet consignment sellers mentioned on the forum, but usually delivery costs here are expensive. The fit of dresses is much more problematic than tops or skirts so returns are more likely. I just returned a BR dress that I tried out and it cost me about $40 in delivery. Return was also expensive but I might be able to to get that back through Paypal. I am really hoping that next Spring will bring longer dresses (which is one of the issues that I have).

Great analysis, loved every point! Think will do the same challenge for myself shen summer comes -it was so helpful to read all the process and the conclusions and you know I always love to see your head to toe killer outfits!