Hi all

Some more outfits to share. Some work, some more casual.

Angie suggested “adorned” as one of my style adjectives. That adjective hadn’t occurred to me, but of course she is right. I adore adornment. As evidenced here.

Outfit 1 (casual lunch and shopping): The skirt is a few years old. For various reasons, I don’t love it. But I am short of casual skirts for summer so it stays for now. Worn with white cotton top and some geometric accessories. (Temp: low 30s, humid)

Outfit 2 (lunch - fancy): Floral skirt with black cotton top. (Temp: high 20s, humid)

Outfit 3 (dinner - casual): black cotton top and black asymmetrical midi skirt. A lot of adornment but I don’t think this had enough “contrast” for me (another adjective suggested by Angie). Lighter shoes might have helped. (Temp: high 20s, humid)

Outfit 4 (work): white cotton top with asymmetrical black and white floral skirt. I wore a chevron bracelet for a subtle pattern mix. (Temp: high 20s, humid)

Outfit 5 (work): The black pencil skirt is a structured, “business” style skirt that I reserve for work. I also have a black ruched pencil skirt in my challenge capsule but I tend to wear that on more casual occasions (although I do sometimes wear it to work because it is super comfortable). Worn here with a somewhat fierce bracelet and circle belt. The circle belt is dark green but most of it is obscured by my top, which I just semi tuck at the front. I was happier with this outfit than outfit 3. (Temp: high 20s, humid)

Outfit 6 (work): Dark green skirt and teal blue top. Worn with my blue shoes (no pic because I left them at work). I love combinations of dark green and dark blue and would wear those colours more if I could find them. (Temp: low 20s, a cooler day after a long humid streak)

Outfit 7 (work). I like my fierce bracelet and it deserves a fierce necklace friend. Pencil skirt again with olive green top. Worn with white floral scarf outdoors. (Temp: mid 20s, dry)

I have included an update on my challenge capsule below.

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Challenge stuff

My capsule so far (@outfit 20). I am behind others because I am doing the challenge as a 30 outfit challenge not a 30 day challenge.

I have not added much since last time. I am not trying to restrict myself but I am enjoying trying to create new combinations with what I have already included. So far I haven’t repeated any combinations.

I have now duplicated the black cotton Uniqlo top at #5 on this list - definitely a MVP.

1. Black ruched skirt (Metalicus)* 5 wears
2. Blue abstract print silk top (Saba)
3. Green silk knit top (Trenery)* 2 wears
4. Black and white floral asymmetric skirt (Sportscraft)* 3 wears
5. Black ribbed cotton top 2017 (Uniqlo)* 5 wears
6. Black and white floral silk top (David Lawrence)
7. Black and white jacquard A-line skirt (David Lawrence)* 2 wears
8. Black and white striped top (Veronika Maine)
9. Black, white, tan, pink and blue floral pencil skirt (Portmans)* 2 wears
10. Teal blue cotton jersey wrap top (Veronika Maine)* 3 wears
11. Dark green floral skirt (Jacqui E)* 2 wears
12. Dark blue cotton top (Uniqlo)
13. White cotton top (Uniqlo)* 3 wears
14. Wine sleeveless top (Selected Femme)
15. Black asymmetric midi skirt (Ann Demeulemeester)* 2 wears
16. Olive green wrap top (Dorothy Perkins)* 2 wears
17. Black and white striped casual skirt (Country Road)
18. Black pencil skirt (Cue)* 2 wears

*Items worn more than once are noted because it will help me identify MVPs at the end.