You have great style. I always look forward to seeing your WIW Posts.

Gorgeous ensembles. That dress and bag in #9 - amazing.

I saw you comment about curly hair and was wondering if you've tried BB Curl spray? That stuff is amazing. It's not cheap but it works and the bottle lasts forever. If they sell Bumble and Bumble at your salon, buy your first bottle from them and ask for a travel size because it's nice to have a small bottle in your handbag. When you sign up at B&B website, they give you a 15% off. After that, keep an eye out for sales because they don't run them often and if you fall in love with their products, it gets expensive.

BB Curl keeps the curls perfect and no crunch. You can give your hair a spritz and scrunch and your curls look good as new, even in high humidity.

I also highly recommend the Surf Foam. Not a fan of the other Surf products, though. They leave your hair sticky. BUT a few squirts of the foam on the roots, let the hair air dry (you can blow dry it but it seems to work better when it air drys), and you can literally feel your hair lifting at the roots. You only use a tiny bit.

Wow, Brooklyn , these are stunning, everything is so perfect as usual, the accessories from jewelry to the shoes to the bags. Your skirts are really extra and you wear them on special way, as Angie said Queen Skirt. I can't pics favorite but I can say maybe #1, #6, #7 and #14 ( great green blouse).

Angie, right back at you and Sam!

SarahD8 and Bonnie, thank you!

Suzanimal, I am always keen to hear about curly hair products. I have been trying out some devacurl products on the recommendation of a forum member. With some success. But the humidity remains a real problem for my hair (and for the rest of me). I have to constantly wet my hair down to stop the frizzing. I will definitely look into the bumble and bumble spray. Thanks very much for your comments and the info.

And thanks MJ! Always happy to hear from my stylish cousin

Missed this post til now - more great looks and I like your waves.

At first I didn't see adorned - but I do now as I reflect about its meaning (i was thinking it meant more of a decorated look). Either way I think details - pattern, jewelry and clever layering are key elements of your looks.