Hi all

I signed up for the 30 x 30 challenge but I have been a bit MIA because I have been away on holidays visiting with friends.

I had no clear goals when I signed up. I was just persuaded by Sterling’s charm!

Sterling said we could make our own rules so I decided that my 30 x 30 will be limited to dressier days. So I will count work days and dressy casual days but exclude uber casual days at home spent cooking, cleaning, gardening, dog walking etc. There is little to no crossover between what I wear in high summer for those activities (mostly shorts and tees) and what I wear to go out or to go to work. But there is crossover in summer between what I wear to go out and what I wear to work. I would like the challenge to be a test of my capacity to mix and match, adapt and repeat items that I know are suited to similar activities. (Funnily enough in cooler weather things reverse and my going out outfits crossover more with my casual at home outfits and less with my work outfits. Because of jeans! But that’s a topic for another day.)

I do have a rough plan for this capsule but, like many others, I am going to be flexible and add items as I go. Dominant colours will be black, white, green, blue, red and tan. I am hoping that it will be useful for wardrobe planning - to help me identify my wardrobe favourites and essentials, any gaps and any items that could be donated.

As mentioned, I was on holiday in the country for the first week of the challenge. Each day we went out to lunch, shopping or day tripping, so I count these as dressy casual days.

Outfit descriptions are below. I included photos of accessories because in summer I rely heavily on accessories to add some interest without adding warmth.

No 1: Black ruched skirt, flat black and gold sandals, abstract blue patterned silk top. Accessories in tan, yellow gold, rose gold, black and silver. (Temp: high 20s, dry)

No 2: Black ruched skirt, flat black and gold sandals, green silk knit top. Accessories in silver and white. The black and white ring was a Xmas gift from my mum. The silver rings on my thumb and ring finger are coin rings made by my husband. (Temp: cooler, low 20s, dry)

No 3: Black and white asymmetric floral skirt, black cotton knit top, flat black and gold sandals. Forgot to take an accessories pic but they are in white, silver and pewter. (Temp: mid 20s, dry)

No 4: Black ruched skirt, black and white floral silk top, flat black and gold sandals. Silver, black and white accessories. (Temp: mid 30s, dry)

Here are my items so far (not counting shoes and accessories):

1. Ruched black jersey skirt (Metalicus). I actually have 3 of these. A bit of a cheat but a laundry godsend because I wear them so much.
2. Abstract blue silk top (Saba)
3. Green silk knit top (Trenery)
4. Black and white floral asymmetric skirt (Sportscraft)
5. Black cotton knit top 2017 (uniqlo)
6. Black and white floral silk top (David Lawrence)

Today is an “at home” day. Just as well because we are having 40+ temps. Next week, back to work!