It finally got warm this week for real, with highs in the 70s and sunny days. There was some rain, but none of the all-day soaks we’d been having forever.

1. I asked a random stranger to take my picture in the park because my top was purple, just like the flowers. She was so sweet—took several, and worked to compose them nicely. The odd chunky black belt I’m wearing is my bike lock.
G-star pinstriped jeans
Linen tank from Anthropologie
Ecco sandals
2. Same outfit, minus market bag, bike lock, and friendly stranger.
3-5 The challenge begins! The pink linen tank is part of a Talbots suit I’m using in Sal’s 10x3 challenge. The Kut from the Kloth shorts remind me of Jenn. 4 was supposed to be a very cool pic of me walking away from the camera with my bike, to show my Target belt & little Coach purse, but looking at the full Better to crop it down to those elements.
6-7 The coldest, wettest day this week: two more elements from the challenge—the two-piece dress. Temps were in the mid-60s as I left the pool, so I was glad to have the LS Uniqlo Heat tech T. The skirt has a secret pocket on the inside layer. It’s too small for a cell phone (dress was bought at REI in the early 90s when cell phones weren’t much of a thing) so I kept my mask in it and my phone in the breast pocket.
8-10 same day, but it was rainy in the morning. I took some pix while waiting to see if a shop would open up. It didn’t. My rain jacket is by novara; the zipper pull tab says “never a bad time to ride”. The long backside is helpful on a bike in the rain. I wish the jacket had pockets, but it does have a pouch you can fold it up into; when I’m riding, I use it as a pocket for my keys.
11. Fish tacos!

Thanks for looking!

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