Sorry a bit long on the back story. I've had sick parents requiring that I spend many overnights in hospitals and rehab centers - the sleeping on cots fully dressed situation. During that time, I realized I had a major wardrobe hole. As a physician, I wear a blazer for work every day. But even for casual, blazers are my preferred topper. I am always cold and hospitals are usually very cold. I needed something polished enough that I felt good about interacting with the medical teams etc but comfortable enough that I could sleep in and tough enough that it would take the abuse and look good. Most of my blazers Theory, HL were too good to take the abuse of the situation. The Gibson Riding jacket was great, ponte, bracelet sleeves, doesn't wrinkle, amazing, but I did not have other toppers of this ilk. The EF skirted leggings and sweaters made me feel good but I'd wished I'd had other toppers. Blue denim jackets are too casual, (I'm very formal), cardigans again too casual even the dressy ones like EF merino which I wore but didn't feel great in, leather feels too heavy. I was considering the EF waxed black moto jacket and the little quilted jackets below, I've been searching for Ponte blazers (I bought the JP long fleece at NAS) but without much luck. I would consider black denim, if I could find a little dressier version. And to add to the difficulty, I only wear black & gray (must be cool and not muddy). Special appreciation to bracelet sleeves, or sleeves which can be rolled for obvious reason. Sorry I know it's an odd request but wondered if anyone had any thoughts. Many thanks.