No suggestions for specific items, but wanted to offer support, and understanding. When I dealt with similar situation I found "the worse things were going, the better I dressed" because it was like my armor in a difficult storm.....Your descriptions really hit home about dealing with med issues for loved ones.....Bless you for being there, and knowing how to care for yourself in difficult times. Sending calming and strengthening thoughts for you .....

also this one, a knit sweater blazer from J Crew. I have last year's version in navy. It was necessary to size down.

No worries gryffin. And thanks for the kind words.

No suggestions but you have my sympathies. I have had to sleep on hospital cots many times for a very sick child and I always felt better and in control (an illusion, unfortunately) when I was put together than when I was not.

I'm sure the ladies here will have some ideas that will work for you.

SW Ann - thank you for your beautiful message. So incredibly lovely of you and your support and kindness are deeply appreciated. I think many of us have reached the age where we are the caretakers. Not easy but when is life, the best of life, ever easy? When we love, support and care we are our best selves. I think that's why YLF is so special, so many extraordinarily warm, wonderful, empathetic and giving people coming together. Thank you again, and may life bring to you all the goodness you give to others!
Ummlila - thank you. I'm glad to know you liked that. You have such a polished, elegant and refined style. Many, many of your gorgeous pieces, I would be happy to steal right off your back!! So thank you again for all your input. It's incredibly helpful!
Brooklyn - you know if you lived closer I would attach myself to you as your shopping buddy!! You always look so elegant but edgy but unfussy while being relaxed and polished in equal parts. Plus no one pattern mixes like you do!! kudos!
Aquamarine - thank you so much for your support. I cannot imagine anything worse than sick child. Parents we expect, even friends and sibling but kids....there should be a karmic law against that. I hope all is healthy, happy, growing, calm and harmonious by you, and that illness is a thing of the past. Great outfits in those situations are like dressing your bed perfectly when you are renovating your house and it's all shambles and dust. Having that one perfect thing to hold on to gives you hope that you can make one other factor align in your favor, then another until all things become calm, stable, healthy. Creating order out of chaos, I think it's that rock in the storm to cling to. My best and hugs to you for good and healthy things.

I'm late to this, and my experience in dressing for such situations is quite different, so I'm afraid I have no useful suggestions for you. But I do want to tell you I am thinking of you and sending you hugs and support. I know how hard it is. Take care of yourself, and best wishes to your family!

Thank you Janet, you are a sweetheart as always!! Hugs right back to you and wishes for all of us for health and smooth sailing!!

I second Janet's comment. I can offer nothing of use to you regarding toppers, but I can send you hugs and support.

Some great suggestions here. I have a scuba jacket and it does not crease at all, is soft to wear and robust, so I think it would be a good fabric for what you are looking for. Please look after yourself too. Looking after sick parents is a marathon, not a sprint and so you need to take care of you too. Sending a hug.

I don't have any specific suggestions. I like the idea of boiled wool and double knits. Soft, warm, stretchy. These are good qualities.

"Creating order out of chaos"....yes, perfect phrase. All is well here. Your parents are very, very lucky to have a child who is a medical professional at their side. Hugs to you.

Sterling - thank you so much. You are a total sweetheart!!
Bijou - Thank you for chiming in. After much thought, I think my September purchase will be the VB scuba. I already own two dickeys which would swap that look up. So I appreciate your opinion. You are so right about the marathon (been there done that) it ain't pretty and it ain't fast and you're the worse for the wear and tear, but it you can just make it to the end in one piece then it's worth it!!
Jaileen - agreed. After the VB, I will be looking for a felted wool or "swacket" If I can find blazer like dressy pieces I think they would be really good choices. Thanks again for the input!! Appreciated!
Aquamarine - Hugging you right back and hoping we all get healthy, "boring" down time!! Glad all is good by you!!
Just wanted to say a huge thank you again to everyone for their help and most important for the support and good wishes. You are all angels, truly. I want you to know every suggestion was so appreciated. They were all so good I literally had to take a step back and clear my head. You ladies are all so amazing stylish while being totally practical that I was nodding along with every suggestion, "yes, that would be good" and I had to get back in touch with what my core style is. I've been trying for a small but very versatile wardrobe, and as much as I need things for hospital duty I want them to have a well loved useful existence. So many things I adore on all of you, Brooklyn's gorgeous motos, Angie's gorgeous drapey suggestions, even my two photos are more for a life I don't live. You all helped me reaffirm I am a blazer girl at heart. The Gibson Riding Jacket is probably my least expensive, most loved, lowest cost per wear, best purchase ever. You helped me see I need to really work the niche that that jacket fills. So I'm going to try the VB scuba first. Ummlila - that Tory Sport is on the watch list. I will be trying on the JCrew sweater jackets. Greyscale I will keep a watch on Rag and Bone and Unfrumped I will continue to scan JP because those are super for my purposed. Joy, we need to talk!! Again sorry so long but thank you all so much for everything!!

Late to comment and I have nothing to add to the excellent suggestions for toppers, but I am sending you strength and support.

The best advice I ever got when my parents were ailing was to recognize that I might not be able fix or solve the issues, but I needed to focus on the fact that I was making them better. I got hung up on optimizing and perfecting, when simply improving the situation was the best I could do. Take care of yourself.

Karen - thank you. Wise words. Optimizing and ameliorating sometimes the best we can do. We can fix everything, but that just never stops us from trying.