I don't think many of us have wardrobes where every item is 100% perfect when we add it. Maybe one detail isn't quite right, some tailoring is needed, the color isn't your first choice, it's a style experiment, or you're just hoping the fit will ease in over time.

What's something you compromised on that went on to become a beloved and well-worn part of your wardrobe anyway?

When I first got my Eileen Fisher jumpsuit, I asked the forum about the pockets, which bumped out in little peaks on each of my hips, not gaping, but just...weird. I liked everything else and thought they might soften with washing and wear, so I kept anyway...and they did (or maybe they didn't, and it just doesn't bother me)! I wear it once or twice a week in warm weather now, but things could easily have gone the other way.