Certainly furnishing our whole new house in 2018 and since brought this up! The style of the home is very modern whereas our previous home was 1957 with a lot of wood- mostly native NZ woods, one called tawa on the floor, a fairly light wood, and rimu which is also called “red pine”. So all my mid-century type furniture looked wrong.
Ended up mostly a maximiser with that within budget. Heaps of searching!

JenniNZ, we have gone though something similar furnishing our new house. Our old house was a faux Victorian and this one is a modern, industrial townhouse.Luckily, my decorating style is eclectic, so many of the things we owned still work, but there were definitely pieces that just didn't translate! Have you stopped searching once the decisions were made, though? I think that's where the issues come in, when you're still second-guessing your decisions after they've been made!

Oh yes we did stop on the things we bought. But I still don’t have a bookshelf in the main living area, all the books I carefully chose to save after culling 27 years of books are still in the storage room upstairs because I have a certain area of wall and don’t want it to look cluttered. I will try to display the books in a pleasing way and leave the less pleasing looking ones upstairs. I cannot find the perfect black bookshelf I am after even with 1.5 years of looking both in store and online. But I guess eventually it will turn up
Sorry to go off-topic!

Jenni NZ, that made me laugh, ruefully, because one of the things I miss/want is my books. We didn't have fancy bookcases, just a couple of simple ones from Ikea, but I miss the warmth that a wall of bookshelves brings.

Jenn, I'm trying to learn where to be a satisficer. I've realized recently that I far too often delve deeper and deeper into big decisions that the time to decide passes us by. I agree with you on the untucked "tucked-in" look. I think what makes it work in this case is that the top is long enough not to expose my belly when I twist around, and the elastic is loose enough that it can fall back into place easily.

Fashintern and JenniNZ, if you think an off-topic jaunt into the topic of books and bookshelves is going to bother me, you're sorely mistaken.

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Great jumpsuit and fab bookcases!
This is my compromise item, 100% wool cream coat. I always wanted one but was always afraid it would get dirty very easily and ruin it. Then I found this one and loved the material and drape but was not sure on the lapel... I decided to give it a go and it worked so well during the spring that I am now trying to think if I could add a small downjacket underneath and wear in the autumn and winter.