I'm voting for the bone, mostly because your dog is so cute, but also because the fabulous lining is more of a surprise.
You know, they don't have a picture of the lining on the Nordstrom site!

Both are tempting, but...
I think if you try it on with your white jeans, you'll have your answer.

Both are lovely! I bet Sam wasn't actually voting but just sitting on the one that best matched his fur...being the super stylish doggie that he is

I'm liking Smittie's comment about the bone. And thank you for the passel of raincoats - ironically , it's been pouring rain here all day .

Of course Sam would like BONE. Most dogs would want a bone over a tomato!

Actually, I am a huge fan of the bone color. It is probably more of a very light grey than a beige. It would look good paired with optic white jeans and a dove grey top for tonal effect. I still think for your trips red is the color but I would have the same hard decision. Maggs would be Team Bone for sure.

It is truly an outstanding coat in either color. Which color makes you feel more powerful and positive?

Great coat for you, Angie. I like both colors; your love of that red and its ability to play with your wardrobe is well documented and you would wear the sand beautifully as a backdrop for your sour brights. My first impulse was the tomato red, but a case can be made either way. For lots of active travel, I might feel the red is more practical.

Happy decision making.

I also vote bone.

I LOVE the lining. Is the lining removable? The red coat gets my top vote.

I think I would go for bone Angie. I would be worried if you think the citron stood out in your dear Papa's home town, would the red do the same? Both are lovely and the red is a gorgeous colour.

Oh, red, all the way....

I'm glad it has gold hardware, otherwise I'd be tempted!

Well I am team red, but I have been looking for a red light weight rain coat for about the last 10 years since the one I had in my 20's wore out. Such a wonderful piece to have...to be honest, both colours would be great. LOVE the gold hardware and lining...a stunning piece.

I would get the bone, but somehow I see you getting the red. Either way, I love the lining! So gorgeous and perfect for your colors.

Thanks, ladies. I am STILL undecided. Both colours look fab with white jeans (unfrumped), and match my wardrobe perfectly. I will ask Greg over the weekend.

Bijou, I can see you in the red.

Smittie, Chris and Lisa, you crack me up. Sam went and sat on the red coat later - so he's as undecided as I am.

Jane, aha, interesting. I'm not concerned about my citron trench standing out as a colour. Quite the opposite! I wear my red, chartreuse and citron coats in the Netherlands all the time - and with delight. Check out pics here:



The Dutch love colours - especially Dutch men. My citron trench coat is very shiny - like evening wear - and that's the problem with it for my Dad's quaint little town. I need something more casual - but it needn't be neutral. Hope that makes sense.

Jaime, good question. I will ponder that. I might feel more powerful in the red.

Karie, the lining is not removable.

(I'm quite exhilarated by this decision. I like wardrobe challenges).

They are both lovely and fit well into your wardrobe. No wonder you (and Sam) are undecided.
If you see this trench more for travel purpose maybe red is better than bone: it will look clean longer and hide dirt better. For me that would be an important factor for a travel coat.
The lining is sublime. I would wear it inside out!

Voting bone.
They're both beautiful and you can't make a wrong choice because both colors will look good on you, but the bone shade is unusually pretty, not grey or yellow, and the lining is even more of a surprise on the neutral color.
It might layer more easily over your more colorful clothes and neutrals as well and be a little different for you?

I like the bone very much, it's quite elegant...but if red makes papa happy, and you plan to wear it to visit him often, well, that's my vote.

Angie, I know you duplicate things like shoes. Can you justify having both?

Thanks, ladies. It's been fun hearing your choices.

HAH, Nancy. I don't want both - but HAVE made a decision. Thread to follow.

The bone feels very elegant to my eyes, but the tomato is so cheerful. I don't suppose you need both?

LOVE these coats. Both of them but the red is pulling my heartstrings and I think it might work better with white jeans?

You couldn't have lost either way, Angie... but excellent choice

... and I see I'm on the wrong thread! Too late!

Wow. I am such a sucker for a gorgeous lining and, as it happens, I have an outerwear wardrobe hole in the area of a slightly more casual raincoat.

Bone for me. I would say tomato for you, Angie, only because it's not easy to find in a raincoat.

Angie, the site says it runs small. What say you?

Thanks, ladies. Decision made - BONE. (see other thread).


April, not at all. The XS is still quite roomy on me.

Oh gorgeous coat, both options are lovely, but you can't beat the versatility of a bone neutral.

Angie - I know this was months ago ... but, do you know whether the "British Tan" colour currently available on the Nordstrom website is the same as the white-ish "Bone" colour you got, or is it a darker more camel version? So hard to tell. I am not a fan of camel.

Not Angie, but those are 2 new colors offered and the British Tan looks to be entirely different from the bone color.

thanks Unfrumped for chiming in to confirm ... that is what I suspected