If you were following my rain coat colour dilemma on the other thread....


......I have a decision.


I modeled both colours with white jeans for my in-house fashion stylist Greg. (The silhouette is very Mod, and more A-line in person. Gorgeous all buttoned up with the funnel neck. Fits my narrow shoulders well). He LOVES the coat, and was as impressed with the quality, fit and fun lining.

Greg said that both colours looked equally good. The tomato red was more fun, cheerful and child-like, and the bone more elegant, grown-up and sophisticated. Greg particularly liked how the bone matched my hair. Like Sam, Greg preferred the bone, so that's the one I'm keeping.

I've travelled with cream and white coats and jackets before (white footwear, tops, jeans and bags too) - and it's not a problem - thanks to my one and only super power. I somehow have the ability to wear white and keep it very clean. Greg knows this, and the practicality of the bone didn't even come up.

Sam's first instinct was right.