So this skirt finally arrived today (recent Angie post and find) . Trip to the post office included to pay $15 in duties. Sigh. Anyways, I like it, it's comfy and interesting, but I'm at a loss as to how to style it. I ordered a small, weird I know, but I don't take up a lot of room in a skirt and this is even a little big on me. It's really long too, and my first inclination was to fold it up about 8 inches (no kidding ) but one side of the skirt is a full-snap top-to-bottom,so hemming might be tricky. I could do it myself (tailors aren't open) but I know myself well enough to realize that's not likely to happen. So all this aside, if I kept it (because i like it and it's fun and different ) how the heck do I style it? I think it needs something cropped and not too voluminous on top (I have a short torso) but what is that? Is it a one-note piece that will end up taking space in my closet and get worn twice a year?

I tried all of my shorter and fitted jackets with it - and while the proportions worked, the fabrications were all wrong (leather, mostly, and too dressy , and one ponte moto that worked but had too much hardware ) . I'm wearing a cropped sweater here that I've tucked in in front just to show the proportions I'm dealing with. I also like the idea of these white-soled boots with them . I have leather high-tops too that would work.

Is this worth keeping and fussing over, or will it require too much work ? Does it even look ok? It's not cheap (the find reflects US pricing, which is nothing near what we pay in Canada) , so I need it to be worth my while.

Cropped sweatshirt maybe?
What kind of jacket would work ? (at work I'd need that third piece over a fitted tank, say, for warmth and coverage)

Thoughts? Have I lost my mind with this one? Excuse the poor photos with messy backgrounds . I'm in the midst of closet cleaning, and had to move into DD's room for the photo (and if I so much as breathed near any of her things, she'd have issue with me so this is all on the DL).

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