Thanks , all , for the varying feedback . I appreciate all of it . At the end of the day , the skirt is too long for my comfort level ( I’m not terribly tall and ankle length skirts have a religious home-school vibe that isn’t my look ) , and altering it isn’t straightforward because of the snap closure. It needs a professional to do it , and those services aren’t available right now . I also see it as needing more shopping to find the right tops , and I’m just not interested right now . If it worked with even one piece in my closet I’d consider keeping it , but it doesn’t . Cute idea , but probably a misguided one on my part . For $160 Cdn , it has to be more versatile .

Lisa, I echo what Shevia said, and think you were wise to return it - even though it did look cute, it was going to give you stress, and that's not worth it. Soooo annyoing about the return! WHY is online shopping in Canada so brutal?!??!

Helena - I don’t know . The whole process is wearing me out . Note to self to read the fine print before placing on line orders . Wonder if ASOS charges for returns in the US.

Lisa...I also think you were wise to return it...simply based on your post. All I could think was that writing your post seemed draining so I could only imagine what trying to wear it would do to you.

It is a cute skirt, but it does sound like it is a lot of work. I have ruled out several retailers for the same reasons.

FWIW, when I fall for a Find sourced by Angie or a fabber, I try a Canadian search. If it is from Nordstrom’s, I check Nordstrom’s Canadian site. Next, I try The Bay. They have easy peasy shipping/delivery and returns and easy filters, including by brands - with loads of brands. Last resort, I try googling the brand name with ‘in Canada’ afterwards. I’ve sourced DH’s favourite Volcom shorts direct from the brand (in BC), the Halogen mesh shirts from NordstromCA at a better price than the US, and Topshop, Mango, Mother, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Clinique, etc. from The Bay. I had an excellent return experience with Zara. They included the ‘free’ return label with the order! The only US retailers I order from are Lands’ End, and LLBean - mainly because of no quibble return policies. Since our exchange rate is about .75 US to $ CA, I really give purchases a long, hard think.

If it requires a heroic effort, I either find similar in Canada, or give it up as ‘not meant to be.’ I prefer a retail experience. I enjoy shopping, and can’t wait for the day when I can actually take a trip to the Big City for an all day shopping expedition!

Well I want you to keep it, but maybe because I want one too!

Since you are restricted to all black at work, this gives you an edge/something different. Also, don't you live in Winterpeg?

The only drawback I see is the length (I'm happy with things that length, but you might not be. Although, side snaps can always be unsnapped to create a slit.)

Styling suggestions:
graphic T and hoodie.
Slim fitting top (turtleneck, long-sleeved T, buttondown) with a textured vest: fleece, faux fur, fair isle?
Thick/slouchy sweater, like ribbed or cabled
Soft, relaxed fit sweater, in a luxe knit (cashmere?), but add sneakers or rugged boots

Anyway. Your story is why I am petrified to order online. And I know if be too lazy to do the returns, even if it didn't work at all.

I looooove this skirt, and you look fierce in it!

I made you a list:

The aforementioned fierceness
Kinda has a sci-fi vibe
You look like a force to be reckoned with
It does not have a religious home-school vibe AT ALL, IMO. (And I would tell you if I thought it did! )

You’re not immediately in love with it. I have never, to my recollection, become more excited, or fallen more in love, with a wardrobe item that I wasn’t 100% thrilled with from the start.

I think you could wear this everywhere, but I also think the last thing you need is something else in your closet that isn’t serving you easily and well.
Send it back. Whatever fees you’ve paid, consider it an enlightenment experience.

This has been an alternately interesting, helpful and sometimes upsetting (in perspective of course please!) thread. What bothered me the most was all of the great styling suggestions were about pieces I don't own : graphic t's, hoodies, cropped sweatshirts ....basically anything that's popular and trending in that casual category. It's funny - I ordered 2 different styles of a platform black/white high top Converse sneaker last week, thinking I'd choose between them. I mean, everyone loves Converse, right? I just can't ! They both are going back today. I don't like them on me, and the whole tomboy vibe is just not mine . I don't wear graphic t's, I own exactly one fleece hoodie and only wear it around the house, and if I see one more sweatshirt in a store or online I will revolt. But at the same time I feel stuck in the past .

Of course it doesn't mean one can only wear a skirt like this one way - and my way would definitely be a dressier one- but I see that my wardrobe doesn't have those newer/trendier looks like push a basic bottom into more current territory. Anything cropped or banded at the waist has been on my don't -even- look- at list for decades as I'm pretty shy about exposing my midsection (or anything between waist and crotch point) as evidence by my refusal to even semi tuck over the years here.

I guess the point I'm trying badly to make here is : do you stick to your tried-and-true or should you open your closet up to a new look once in awhile in order to keep that needle moving - as LaP so wisely suggested ?

It's an awesome skirt, and you look fierce in it, but I agree the styling needs to be more the sophisticated side of you. I can see it styled with your silk camisole and one of your lady cardigans not the oversize ones and your McQueen scarf with the pattern fishnets and your oxfords with the bow. all in shades of gray and black. Like take the skirt and make it you, not take the skirt and bend to it. You are so creative, you got this!

Both. Remain true to yourself with leeway to experiment if something outside your norm’ appeals to you.

@ Lisap - I think you need to pick your battles. In other words,:there may be some style conventions or ‘trends’ that are just so against the grain that you will probably never be comfortable breaking down that barrier. Alternatively, there are areas that you are quite happy to experiment with. You’ve already mentioned in other threads that there are some things you hope to make constants in your fashion - committing to a hairstyle that works for you, etc. I sense you have a couple of silhouettes that you are comfortable with, as well as a palette. Why not settle into the things you know and are comfortable with at the moment and just coast?

If you are purging (as reported in other threads) because you have ‘too much’ you certainly have something to work from. Instead of taking random things out of your closet for donation, why don’t you create a 28 day capsule for the month of February and put the credit card on ice?

I don’t know where you get your fashion inspiration, but the spring couture shows features plenty of white booties!

I’m not the one to jump on a new trend once I see it but... I want to push myself a bit and I add a new to me silhouette once in a while. I bought 2 pairs of Converse and a pair of white sneakers last year. Used to be on my “never” list due to my concern about visually enlarging my flat feet. I still look better in pumps but feel surprisingly good about new additions.

When I experiment with a new to me style, I buy a cheaper version of it. I wanted a sweatshirt for WFH, sick of my sweaters so I bought a cropped one and an oversized sweatshirts from Zara, it’s boxy and I’m not sure it’s a right for me size but it’s OK, I still can wear it around the house. And no, I do not look like cool girls on Instagram! LOL
If I to buy another sweatshirt, one that I’m willing to wear anywhere, I would not buy it oversized or long. I would choose probably more classic fit than trendy. And would not buy it from Zara. Lesson learned but so what?
It feels boring to me to wear only what is conventionally recommended for my body type. Throwing in a mix something unexpected is fun
I’m prepared that it might not work.

You are definitely not stuck in the past Lisa! All those things- Converse, fleece hoodies, graphic Ts are very young looks, especially together. Like teens- 20s. And honestly, none of that's new, just rehashed over and over. You're more sophisticated than that If you wore a hoodie, I'd think it should be cashmere not fleece.
An update doesn't have to be 180 degrees, it could be 90 or less. It should still feel authentic. It should be "wow this is trending I can't wait to buy it" not "this is trending so I should try to make it work to look current." Enough falls into category 1 each season that we can pass on category 2!

LisaP, I'm sure we can find a great top in your wardrobe for this skirt! I need to see more of your tops though, so I can assist in a meaningful way. Have you tried your cashmere hoodie with the pom poms? A denim shirt could be fun too. Your McQueen scarf

FWIW, If I had to wear this skirt with one of my own tops and sneakers, this is what I would try on first. Finds from my wardrobe. Coincidentally, they are all wardrobe essentials.

Well I'm glad that it's not just me who sees the whole hoodie/graphic t /cropped sweatshirts look as quite junior, regardless of who is wearing it and how. Fine if that's your thing, but it's not mine. I want to dress my age, not ignore it, but also not be afraid of it.

Carla - no need to put the old credit card on ice. I'm not looking to buy more stuff . Having to shop more for something to wear with this skirt is not what I want to do. I'm reconciling my need to be fashion-aware and looking good with my disinterest in buying more stuff . It's a fine balance. Not even sure what prompted me to order the skirt anyways - lol.

DeAnna - you make me smile - but I think you're mixing me up with someone else. I don't own anything resembling a lady cardigan, a silk cami , or oxfords with bows. I do have a McQueen scarf though !

Lisa p, what exactly do you mean by “want to dress my age”? I’m curious, we are close in age

Irina - I knew that comment would stir some controversy. I don't want to start a debate over that topic because it's too complex. It's all in the eye of the beholder, and what one wants to look like. Graphic t's, hoodies, cropped sweatshirt tops etc, read quite junior to me (depending on how they are worn ) , but that's just me, and my own opinion. I'm nearly 60 (ACK!) and looking young/trendy isn't a goal for me . If you wore graphic t's and converse all your life and were comfortable in that sort of look, great! But it's so trendy and everywhere right now - and those were not items I ever wore as a teenager or even in my 20's I'm not going to start now I feel uncomfortable in tomboy-trend stuff always .

Angie - I could definitely see the skirt with your white hoodie and high-ups - and it would be a super cute look ! I don't own similar pieces though . How would you wear the denim shirt? Tucked in? My cashmere hoodie is tunic length and wouldn't work. I've already paid for the return label, so it's packed up and ready to mail back. I did learn a few things though - long skirts don't look that bad on me, and are an option if they are a little shorter, but also that they require a new breed of top I simply don't own, and I'd have to think hard about wanting to stock my closet with different silhouettes right now . I do appreciate your help, as always. Sorry I'm not a more adventurous client !

LisaP, I understand completely about "dressing your age", and it's a good topic. It's a personal goal of mine to "dress like a grown-up", and I often - and carefully - tackle this topic with clients. It can get very tricky.....

Of course, what we each perceive as dressing "our age" and "like a grownup" is different and a moving target. For example, what I think looks juvenile or junior on a grown up person - others don't, and vice versa. I think the rub comes in when we're told by someone else that we can't wear something because we're too old. I get that rub because I don't want to be told I can't wear XYZ because I'm 50. Especially not by someone much younger than me. The difference is that I DECIDE I am too old to wear XYZ, and it's on my terms. Soooooo, all this to say, if you think looks like hoodies, cropped sweatshirts, graphic tees and the like read too junior for your style - that is GREAT and you are well within your right to believe that. Stick to it.

To answer your question, my own denim shirt is cropped and works well with skirts and wide crops. A regular denim shirt can be worn loosely knotted at the waist, as a shacket over a tank, or just over the skirt as a top if it has rounded hems. Scrunch the sleeves, add some bling, and Bob's your Uncle!

As for the skirt, you are right to return it if it's causing stress because this is suppose to be fun. NEXT ....and good that you learned a few positive things too.

I do love graphic tees but not the hoody-tee-converse look ( probably not my “thing” ). I worry too that at some point I’ll look dressed too young or just wrong for my age ( 55 this year).
I think you look fab in your outfits and fresh and modern ( your footwear and hairdo rocks! ). So you will find your own take on long skirts and do it your own way ( I’ll follow with interest ).
P.S. Sometimes I stick to only black graphic tees - feels more grown up I guess .

LOL, I am 55 and wear hoodies, graphic tees and cons, but not all together. I do like the juxtaposition of wearing any of the above with something more refined like bootcut jeans and a blazer or tailored jacket.

I hear you though. There are some items that others love that I find juvenile or unappealing for my personal style. Gotta do your own thing!

Slim Cat, I have an extremely elegant and polished 80 year old client who wears graphic tees with cardigans and jackets all the time, and with fab fashion sneakers too. You wear the look with panache. Please carry on!

YES! For those of you who do it - you all do it well. It's just not me. In my humble opinion, those looks should be organic to the wearer - i.e. something you've always gravitated toward and always worn. Just like athletic looks are for me. I was a big "fashion" nerd in high school and university - but not in *that* way. I was wearing dress pants and blouses and god knows what else when everyone else was in cons and t-shirts. Whatever. I think the look of t's and hoodies and converse is GREAT on certain older women ! Especially you, Janet !