Just this weekend I was thinking about my style goals for this year. One of the things that I decided to do was add more accessories. And I want them to be bold, graphic, colorful and modern. So I have ordered this 3 items in finds and they are on its way to me. Hope that they fit the bold, graphic, colorful and modern descriptors. But they will go back if they are not perfect 10, since this is another goal for this year - being patient in selecting only few, perfect items.
Another goal is adding more dresses, but I am afraid that his will be more challenging. I have also ordered this 2 grey sweater dresses, but don't have big expectation. They are on sale, and I am trying to limit my sale goggles shopping.

UPDATE - all items arrived today.

Watch is beautiful, little bit bigger and heavier then expected, and bracelet needs to be shortened, but almost definitely a keeper.

Converse sneakers are also very nice, maybe half size too big, but they will accommodate heavier socks or cushioning inserts. They are leather but not lined, so they are not the deep winter shoes, but I think I can wear them already. I tried them on and they seems very comfortable but I need to see them in the mirror to make final decision. Most likely a keeper.

Furla bag is the toughest decision. It is beautiful, nice quality, perfect size. But. It has gold hardware which I did not notice when ordering (or did not pay attention). And I would prefer to stick with silver. Another thing is the color. It is less bright yellow as in picture and more muted with green tint. I believe it is exact shade as Angie's coat since I saw it in person in London. It is still very beautiful color, just not what I expected.

Dresses I still have to try on, but I think they will go back. I am just not in the mood for more dark neutral winter clothes. They also seem kind of shapeless, bu I may be surprised.

So, ladies, help me keep my promise not to compromise.