Omg, Lisap! Yes. I find the zipper thing a big issue!

LisaP - interesting question about the zipper. I never had this type of bag before, and it did not occur to me that zipper may bother me. Have to test it.
The bag is really growing on me, it is such an unusual color that is more yellow in sunlight and more green in artificial light. It will go with many things and many different colors. I have hard time convincing my self to return it. And I found excuses to keep it I still have a lot of gold in my wardrobe, it is really difficult to phase it out. Some of my favorite blazers have gold buttons, I know, easy to replace, but I did not bother. I have belts with golden buckles, tons of gold jewelry, gold watch, other bags and shoes with gold hardware...

Question maybe for another thread is - do silver hair really looks better with silver or is this maybe individual thing? Am I limiting my self if I only wear silver or will it make my wardrobe more cohesive?

In the other developments, I am leaning toward returning the sneakers. After wearing them at home little bit more, not sure that comfort is there. When I add inserts, they are right size, but then they are rubbing me on the top.

Love the sneakers. They bookend your hair. I can not speak to the size. The bag is gorgeous. I love the colour but you will have to decide on that one. I am funny about the metals on things like bags. I do not notice them. I mix metals all the time. I just let my jewellery tell a story and go with it. I know some people like the metals all to match.
I have 3 watches with stainless steel and gold in the bracelets. I also have a few other pieces with more than one metal. Maybe that helps. But it was not planned.

The watch and sneakers are great for you, Anchie.

I would have reservations about the gold hardware on the bag, but it's down to personal preference, and it sounds as if you are too smitten with the bag to send it back!

Nice choices. I used to never mix metals, but do more now than I used to. If the shoes are not supremely comfy, I vote return.

I also have a heavy silver watch, and love the "heft" of it.

Sorry the sneakers aren't working out, I love them, and love them on you.

Now, the bag. I am a die hard silver person. Always have been... it looks so much better against my skin than gold does. I find the colours I like to wear generally look much better with silver as well. However... I did allow a compromise on my citron bag! I find that because it blends in with the colour, and there isn't a lot of it, it doesn't bother me much. If it were an easier colour to find I would say to hang tough, but this isn't. I think the chances of finding a nice citron bag with silver will be very very difficult. The Furla one is totally gorgeous... I LOVE the colour of it.

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Like Angie, I love that bag. Having said that, if you are transitioning to silver accessories and the bag as gold touches, I would encourage you to return it. But I do hear you wavering and I don't want to make your decision harder.

I can't say much about silver versus gold. I find some people just look so good in one or the other. I look fabulous in silver. Gold has never complemented my skin tone. So I might also be biased.

Since you are in mid-transition, perhaps your wardrobe can sustain both gold and silver.

I also wanted to say I loved the sneakers on you. Great color with your hair.

Anchie, I've ordered the bag.

Lisap, NEVER had the problem you mentioned with the zip and scratching - and this type of satchel is my go-to style. Furlas are exceptional quality, which might help.