I hear you on the self imposed pressure to 'up' your game with your WIW posts. Honestly, I have worn several great outfits over the last week and never bothered to snap a pic! I'm not sure if it's because I am finally confident that they are great or I'm being lazy or if in my head I'm thinking, "they've seen this dress before - all I did was switch out the belt, cami, and shoes." Maybe it's a combo of all three. But at any rate, I have reached a point where keeping up with WIW's is more work than fun right now. When it stops being fun it's time to pull back. Experimenting and remixing are great - as long as it's still fun. If not, I agree with you to go with tried and true looks you feel fab in. Keep it fun!!!

Shannon you look fab in that outfit. Even though I have never met you I can say I know your style already and that latest outfit is YOU fabulicious! xxx

Had to chime in and say, this outfit certainly suits you, and you should wear it often!

Thank you for posting this! I can so relate. My feelings seem so intermingled with how I feel in what I am wearing. I want to experiment because that is half the fun, but I don't want to take what I'm wearing so seriously. My confidence should not be dependent on what I am wearing.

BTW, you look sensational today.

I love your philosophy! You look wonderful and I love that you are committed to wearing only those things that make you feel fab.

Shannon, a great post with great responses. There is nothing wrong with the tried and true and it is one of my goals to keep wearing what really works and stop wearing second best just for variety. With that said, experimenting is great and just seeing how much better one thing works than another on a particular person is a great help to me - particularly when I am that person!

I am so late to this thread & am probably going go repeat what has been said before. I think your promise to yourself is an important learning that wouldn't have been made without the creative pressure to post an outfit so often. I think you have very high standards because some of the outfits you have felt less than happy with looked pretty good to me - but it's not what I think that counts. Dress to feel good and if that means repeat dressing & less experimentation so be it. But I for one love your willingness to take a risk with what you wear & admire you for it.