My biggest style goal this year is to have a wardrobe that supports my life and feels effortless when I'm getting dressed. As my life is still evolving, I can't nail down specific items that I need to buy or holes to fill, so here's what I plan to keep in mind:

  • Wardrobe coherence, focusing on 2 capsules for winter & shoulder seasons:
    1) the berry capsule I developed fall of 2017, and have added a few extra things to I'd like to be able to pull together old and new to make tonally matching outfits. That means at least one skirt or pair of pants, possibly a blazer (like that raspberry S. Oliver black label one with shawl collar, or maybe like the pink Only blazer--both are now sold out), and there is a sweater that I may need to replace. This is as close as I get to earth tones; the green pants I got last fall tend to work with this capsule, as do my brown leggings.
    2) black and white skirts and dresses. I don't need any more of them, but I like to wear them with jewel tones and other strong colors, and can add more of those. The black pants I got last fall fit with this capsule.
  • Super shoes. I'm having fun with my red boots and metallic boots. I want to move away from drab and practical to make more interesting choices in footwear. Two things I need to look for are adequate padding and low enough heel height. Walking in heels isn't a problem for me, and I don't have any shoes I can't run in (yes, they've all been tested), but I also want to avoid the kind of lower back pain docs say high heels can cause.
  • More "lurking quirk". I like patterns, but I also like the kind of detail you might not notice at first, whether it's jacquard fabric, stitching along the hem, or just gorgeous fabric. When adding new things, I should remember to look for these more interesting options, just like with the shoes.
  • Subtracting. Nah. Not until life settles down with our own place and a predictable job. For now, anything I get must be able to be dressed up or down. There are quite a few things I haven't worn yet, so I might be ready for a purge in the fall, or maybe not. No point in rushing myself to dump things I might need to replace later, because
  • Clothing and fashion are much lower priority than getting, furnishing, and decorating our own place, and building savings back up again. This means patience, since I want to get things that are well-made and avoid the fast fashion kinds of items that are more likely to be made in sweatshops. Some things will just be out of reach, like the first three finds here, but others, like the blue skirt, will come down to my price range. (That skirt and several other clearance items are on their way here now.)
  • Storage as decor. Since I'll be putting together a new closet, why NOT make it one I'll be happy just looking at, because its lovely organization is soothing? I want to wear jewelry more; that will be facilitated by hanging some of it up on display, while things strung on threads will be just below, probably in the top drawer of a dresser that has drawers for pjs/lounge clothes, workout clothes, and all the undies & base layers. Right now, my sweaters are on a bottom shelf, which does not encourage me to pull out anything I haven't worn recently, so they will go on a shelf around eye level, above hanging things. The "closet" will most likely be Ikea Ivar shelves--not expensive, but adaptable enough to provide numerous types of storage once I add a hanging rod.
  • As fall rolls around, I hope to be exploring "new" ways of shopping:
    -I've tossed around the idea of a jacket/blazer/cardi for my festive capsule, but can't justify the expense--this is likely to be my first second hand purchase as I explore thrift shops.
    -I'm becoming aware of local clothing designers and producers, some with their own boutiques, others who are at markets and have websites where one can get in touch with them later. I want to become familiar with them, and develop a few favorites.

Maybe my word for the year should be patience! Or #1Step@aTime

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