I didn't post any outfits all of December, partly because I was so busy with work and family and partly because I was feeling uninspired with my wardrobe. I was wearing the same things over and over (hello Eileen Fisher poncho!) because I gained about 10 lb and some of my clothes were no longer fitting, and I just didn't have the energy to think about what to wear. Dressing seemed like a chore. Well, it's a new year and one of my goals is to hug my closet and start having fun with fashion again!

So I loved Angie's idea of setting a style challenge for yourself to beat the January blues. But because my fashion motto is "anything worth doing is worth doing to excess", I want to make it a real hard challenge! Nothing easy like "wear dresses for a whole week" (I could do that for a whole month in my sleep!). Something that will inspire me to be creative and look at my wardrobe in a new light.

Here is my challenge to myself. I am going to be a style chameleon and each day "become" a different YLF member! I love doing dress-up and themed outfits and multiple style personas, so this will be right up my alley!

Here are the rules:
1. Twinnie item: I will use one item that I and the YLF member both own (or if not an exact item, something that is similar to something they own).
2. The outfit should look like the YLF member's style.
3. The outfit should look like my style too.
4. I have to actually wear the outfit IRL (so it has to work for work or MOTG).
5. I have to shop my closet for all of these.
6. Bonus points if I combine items in new ways or rescue closet orphans.

So far I have about 7 different outfits planned for different YLF members. If you share an item with me or would love to see me copy someone, feel free to chime in--I'm open to suggestions! (And if you can post a link to the WIW of you or the Fabber in the item, that would be super helpful!).

For Day 1 I thought I'd kick it off with the hardest but most fun challenge. Annagybe. She is fearless and fun. Whimsical and whackadoodle. She knows so much about fashion and designers and translates avant garde and runway into real life in masterful ways. She has an inimitable sense of style, but I'm going to try to copy her anyways. I've really missed seeing her around here (I still follow her on Facebook) and was so excited to see her posting here again--I really hope she'll start posting her outfits again!

Since I don't own the same items as her (except maybe the H&M floral pants!), I thought I'd use the Piers Atkinson bitten cherry headpiece that she wore for her last WIW post as the twinnie item (4). I have a cherry print dress that I bought off eBay a few years ago (I was trying to find something to wear for a Wild West office holiday party, but the dress turned out to be more rockabilly than saloon girl). I've only worn it once or twice because it's a strapless halter and very girly looking with red ribbon ties, so not very work friendly. I think I last wore it a couple years ago for DD's 5th birthday party (5). It's a real closet orphan. I even brought it to the consignment store a year or so ago, but when I saw it hanging in the store window I had second thoughts and asked for it back. I just couldn't part with it! Anna's red and black edgy cherry outfit inspired me to try again. I turned the dress into a skirt and added a black Helmut Lang sweater (it's kind of see through so I have a tank underneath), black heeled ankle boots like she has on, pyramid stud watch and bracelet inspired by her avatar, and Chanel purse because she likes to combine high and low. And of course her signature red pucker!

Thanks for looking and commenting! I'm super excited about this challenge!

Helmut Lang sweater
Cherry print dress (eBay)
Mia Nanette ankle boots
Karl Lagerfeld watch
Forever21 bracelet
Ms. Scarlet Chanel purse

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