My favourite is the diagonal stripes outfit. The pants are great on you.
I also like the pink and blue top. This is a very nice colour combo for summer.

OOOOH. Orange.

*happy dance*

My Dutch gene is celebrating.

*chuckle* @ Isabelle
And thank you so much for the info. You are quickly becoming my go-to source for interesting striped tops! I love the sound of that cotton fabric, and I too don't scrunch the sleeves as direct sun feels much hotter on my skin than wearing a long-sleeved top.

@ Inge : Europeans unite! Hey, we can't shop Nordstrom but we still have some good brands here

@ Tanya : yeah, I know the blush jeans are not flattering (they look slightly better with a welted top) so they are basically lounge wear, I've never worn them to work
- actually I'm done wearing jeans at work, don't know if it's the fashion of them waning, or if it's me getting older and needing more polish to look professional, or if it's me getting older and owning more formal looks like trouser suits...

Hear! Hear!!-)

While we're on the subject. Have you ever tried the Breton tops from Joules? I've heard lots of great things about them, but haven't tried them (yet) myself. Am tempted though.

(scroll down a bit for the Breton tops)

I'm joining the Euro Stripe Party. Here are ALL my stripes. (Yes. They have become a wardrobe essential). Last one - Crazy Xmas Stripes.

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I love all your stripes!! My favourites are 1 and 3, but 2 is close behind.

I do think the pants in 4 and 6 are difficult to wear, but I understand that comfort can be the most important factor. I share your preference for darker pants rather than lighter, despite seeing others wearing lighter colours with aplomb.

@ Inge : had never heard of Joules, they don't have boutiques here, thanks for sharing. Looks like Boden (happy colours, fun prints) without the retro feminity.

@ Angie : super fun pic. You're like Inge and me : very reasonable. Very few striped tops, when you think they make them every season of every year and we're perpetually tempted

@ Sal : yeah, I don't know what's my problem with light bottoms, but I have a problem with light bottoms. And I feel faded in a light outfit.

How wonderful to be described as reasonable. My husband would argue otherwise....

I'll report back if I end up trying a Joules tee, Isabelle. And *chuckle*, "reasonable" is not the first word I would use to describe myself when it comes to stripes. Then again, I do resist buying more practically on a weekly basis, so there's that Cheers to my two very reasonable stripe-loving friends!

I'm not sure how I missed this? Nice to see you post again! I love your stripes collection. My favorites are 1 and 5, with 3 coming in close at second. I really love your diagonal stripe top. It's unexpected, fun, makes me smile, and really looks great. The pinkish toned stripe (on my monitor) has a softer look, and I also like this, particularly paired with the Oxford shoes in the first picture. I have mostly banned stripes in my wardrobe, but I couldn't resist this dress.

Oh WOW, that is one gorgeous dress, Staysfit. Perfect for you!!

@ Staysfit (I always feel guilty writing your penname
Thanks! And that's a great dress. There's plenty of shirt dresses at retail in Summer, but they too often look like nightgowns. This one looks like it came from an Altuzarra runway.