In a recent post I mentioned that my clothes are taking a while to wear out. I reviewed my purchases this year and all my new 2022 essentials have been stellar. But my statements/splurges/experiments a bit less so - although a couple of things have been bought second hand out of season so I am not making a firm decision yet.

I purposefully didn't shop in May (added three things in April) and I am hoping to not shop in June either unless I need a replacement essential.

But oh how I want to.....

I went away with friends for a couple of nights and one friend had a wonderful trendy hoodie and an embroidered anorak similar to Bijou's one. Another had perfectly fitting straight jeans that I admired. I saw a wonderful crochet jacket in the window of a local retailer...and I keep getting advertisements for cashmere and merino knitwear... all is tempting to me.

I am also in isolation as my son has covid - stuck at home except for exercise for 7 days in the middle of winter. Online browsing is appealing.

I could do a June challenge or I could plan ahead....

What tips do you use to stop shopping - especially in the winter (in the summer I just get busy).

For reference here are my experiments, statements and splurges. The trousers are a success as is the skirt. The rust dress and tunic have had one wear each, the spotted dress none (but it was added out of season - but it was a second hand experiment I don't know about).