Brooklyn - this is a great interpretation. You look amazing, my fellow stompy boot lover. I never would have thought of the two belts or tried the dress over skirt. I’m glad you got to flex your creative fashion sense here, and it really paid off.

KILLER to the Power of KILLER...and a little Steampunk

How fun to be wearing three swooshy skirts at once!!

I hereby crown you Queen Vivienne Westward!

The layered patterned "petticoat", ample arm skin, and multiple belts with contrast hardware effectively break up the head-to-toe black - which to my eye creates a more flattering visual with depth and energy. Dark lippie helps too. WELL DONE! Creative and clever! And most importantly - you are having fun with your style.

It doesn't matter if the bag is fake or genuine. Looks great, and enjoy!

BIG YAY to swishy skirts and dresses. Sartorial faves forever.....

Fantastic outfit, very creative and elegant! You look stunning!

You look gorgeous! I don’t know anything about Chanel bags.

This is fantastic, Brooklyn! I love everything about it

I adore the petticoat effect with the stompy boots, and the way you put it together so creatively.

You are so darn creative!! I can't weigh in on the Chanel authenticity but is sure is a fun bag, whatever it is!

Absolutely brilliant!

Wow, Brooklyn, this outfit is just beautiful. So chic, creative, and sophisticated. Love your layering, the mix of stomp and swish, and your super new bag!

Wow, thanks everyone for the kind words. And thanks for humouring my Chanel obsession

Angie, thank you for the K2K. Even with the black Yay for swishy skirts. Why stop at wearing one? The more the better. But if I’m going to be Queen Vivienne Westwood I really need an asymmetrical tartan midi skirt. I have a summer weight checked skirt that I like very much and wear frequently at this time of year. But tartan is my true love. If you see anything, you know where to find me!

Diana and delurked, thanks! The stompy boots with dresses in warm weather “look” is something I really associate with you guys and Kellygirl. I’m sure looking at your WIWs has inspired me to wear this look. I hope that you are both well and will post again when life permits.

Janet, that’s a great bag. If you need any enabling, let me know! I’m hoping I will keep this bag forever, so yes, it doesn’t matter if it’s real or not.

Bijou, thanks for that extra information, which I’ll add to the “it’s real” side of the ledger. Fun that we both have 2004 bags!

Murph11, wow, thanks!

And thanks Nemosmom, JAileen, Star, Runcarla, Firecracker, Lyn69, unfrumped, RobinF, Lucy, UmmLila, Jenn, Irina and FashIntern!

Brooklyn. YES to the tartan midi in your colours, and my eyes are peeled


Also laughing at your recent conversion to puffers! Welcome to the Team.

Angie, that skirt is gorgeous. I’d jump on it if it weren’t quite so expensive (what with taxes and shipping). I would wear that red. But I must admit I had in mind black and mustard, or some sort of black and green or burgundy combination. Thanks for keeping an eye out.

And yes I am on team puffer now! I got a lightweight one from Uniqlo. Great for wet and windy weather, which we’ve had a bit off.

I love this outfit. You are so creative and stylish.