Brooklyn, you look wonderful in your signature style. Your outfits are very much in line with Angie's style thoughts this morning - wearing what suits you, being stylish, reworking and remixing older pieces, and wearing what is practical for your climate.

Really love the skirt looks - you inspire me with your asymmetric skirts with movement!!

So beautiful! I am admiring your color coordination and ability to go from dark to cinnamon all within your signature style. Still love that ombre jacket every time I see it on you too!

Thanks Shevia. The ombré jacket is still my favourite wardrobe item. I’m going to try restoring it with Tarrago this summer. It’s fading fast. (And I hope everything is well with you. I’ve been following the news from your country.)

Thanks Sally, that’s a lovely compliment. Would you like an asymmetric skirt? Tell me your requirements and I’ll will keep an eye out for you

Thanks DL, great to hear from you. I am as well as can be with life’s many challenges. I hope you are too. Enjoy boot season for me. It’s always a bit sad when it ends

NM, I’ve found lots of turtlenecks and mock necks around this year and last year. I’ve got quite a collection now. Hopefully you will find some soon. If you are after a layering top, I really like the one I’m wearing in no 2 from Peruvian Connection. It’s cotton and comes in lots of colours. But not green I think. I have a green one from Gestuz (not in Finds). I don’t like Uniqlo layering tops that much. Something about the weight and feel of them. But I quite like their sweaters. They had lots of turtlenecks this year.

Jessi, teal is my HEWI. I was thinking a metallic pair could be nice too.

Suz, thanks. Lots of high neck tops around this year. And you need an asymmetrical skirt! I wear cotton anti chafing shorts underneath my skirts in cool weather. If you wear them over your tights that might help with sticking?

JAileen, thanks. You know I’m with you on ombré. Also butterflies.

FC, “luscious” is a great word! Thanks for noticing the details. Lots to take in with so many photos.

Slim cat, thanks. Tall boots are tricky. Getting the right calf fit, toe shape, heel and colour. Hopefully there will be more to choose from this year if they are trending.

And thanks RC, ST, KG, ND, Star, Catherine and Joy!

I always , always love your outfits and admit to body type envy too . I’d dress like this all the time too ! I think I’m also missing just dressing in general . Also funny : I’ve never been a fan of the Doc style stompy boot , but for some reason it’s holding more appeal for me lately . Not sure why ....

Thanks Lisa. I get body envy too. More so during the reign of skinnies. And also envy people who wear black and cool colours really well. I’d wear a lot more black and blue. We are all human I used to get very self conscious about the size of my (big) feet in Docs. I never wore them in the 90s. But now I feel ready to embrace them. I miss dressing up too but I think part of the appeal of Docs is that they have character but don’t feel contrived/overdressed for these strange times. Heels feel very strange to me ATM.

Hooray for stompy boots! You look terrific. I wouldn’t say these pix gave me body envy—more like nostalgia & a look ahead at getting back to the shape I used to be. I’m not there yet, but a lot closer than I was! “Fuscialicious” is a word I should remember & use.

The cinnamon floral skirt is especially gorgeous. It is a good time for dogs!

Thanks FI. I know you meant it as a compliment, but I’m not a poster girl for fitness. I lost a lot of weight last year due to ill health and have struggled to get to some sort of equilibrium since. Health is king. And fuscialicious is not a word I know. But it sure sounds good!

Thanks Jane. Great to hear from you! I hope (for dogs) that the WFH trend continues.

I am sorry to hear you’ve been so ill. I quite agree that the obsession with thinness as a proxy for health is inaccurate. That’s true in my case—I’ve lost weight I didn’t need—but isn’t always positive. I hope you get back to feeling fab soon.

Thanks for responding the way you did , Brooklyn . Very gracious of you . I agree that heels and anything too refined seems wrong now , or not right anyways . Maybe it’s why I’m so tempted to get a pair too